Felt hearts


I received a request to design a birthday card using felt as part of the design on the card. I did freaked out a bit when it comes to using felt because I am not an expert when it comes to using felt as embellishments on cards. I've only tried my hand at using them early this year and still have a lot to learn about it. So I did feel a little scared using them especially since it is a little expensive and therefore I can't afford to make mistakes when cutting them up otherwise it would just be a waste.

When my customer told me how she wanted the design to look like on the card, I was worried as well. Arranging 15 circles and 15 red felt hearts on the card and making sure they are arranged neatly on the card is not as easy as I thought it would be. It had to be precised.....I needed to make the correct measurements. I had a hard time figuring out how to cut the felt into heart shapes too and making sure they are the exact same size. I don't have a special machine to cut felt in the same size and so I decided to make a template for it instead. That solved the problem and I managed to get them all in the same size. Yippee! :D I also used the circle template to get those circles for the heart. If I had a circle cutter, then cutting up circles would be a breeze! :)

Another problem was how to write "HAPPY B'DAY ~SYG~" on the hearts. At first my customer wanted me to stick letters sponge stickers on it....unfortunately they were a bit too big for the hearts. So at the very last minute, I got the idea to use glitter glue instead. Yup, they worked perfectly on felt. I never knew that before! I knew that you can use glitter glue on smooth type of fabric but didn't know that it's great on felt as well. Now I know! I experimented some silver glitter glue on a small piece of felt and after 10-15 minutes, they dried so nicely on it! So I finally could write those letters on the hearts as per request. Phew! Another problem solved!

Then I made a small pop up cake inside the card as per request and decided to put the MU logo on the cake itself as she wanted me to add some MU elements inside the card since her BF is a MU fan :). Simple....really simple :) I'm so glad she loved it so much! :) and I love it too! ;)


chillin with Quillin said...

Really nice, like the inside to

Azlina Abdul said...

Thank you so much Paula! ;)

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