Teacher's day pop up flowers

TD003 (Purple and Yellow combo)

Ok...this is what I have been busy doing lately along with the other card orders I've been receiving lately. This particular design is actually an old one I did back in 2007. But my customer loved the design so much that she wanted the same one except the color combination has to be of yellow and purple as this card design will be given to the teacher's of her former school. Their school logo has those two colors....purple and yellow.

The other differences are that this card will be added the 7 pop up flowers. I had a hard time thinking of a suitable flower shape that would match the flowers in the front design. In the end, I decided to do something that resembles it, and made the small scallops on the petals of the pop up flowers. The decorations on the inside of the pop up flowers are similar to the decorations I did for the CNY cards. I happen to love that decorations.....can't think of any other that would look nice at the moment though. Perhaps in future I'll get some new ideas. I wish! ;)


Carol P said...

I love both of these teacher cards! The design on the first one reminds me of a quilt pattern. And, of course, the 7 flower pop up is one of my favorites.

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Grace to You said...

This is lovely!!

Azlina Abdul said...

Thanks Carol! The first one is simple but sweet hehehe! The 7 pop up will always be one of my favorites as well. :)

Thanks Sandi! ;)

Izzati said...

how to make it! i love it so much!

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