Purple flowers....

(This is a similar design like the one below but only has the wordings "Happy Birthday" on it without the person's name)


This card is another one of my experiments done for a customer of mine. One thing I have always had problems with is how to arrange the layout design on the card. I always have problems deciding where to place the wordings so that it does not bother the decorations. So that's how this layout came about. I made the wordings as part of the background design. The wordings where printed and cut out line by line.....and then glued on to the paper. The card itself is almost covered with all the decorations and wordings. You could only see the color of the card in between the lines wordings.

The flowers were cut by hand....the petals were traced from a template onto a metallic purple paper and I cut out each petal one by one with scissors, then layered it onto 2 more pieces of paper, one dark purple and the other is soft purple. Once that is done, I assembled it together and glued them to form the flowers. It's a lot of work....but I love the effect it gives on the flowers. :)


A Year Of Quotes said...

Gorgeous cards!

Happy Holidays,

Anonymous said...


kueh bakar said...

lawa gile..
limited edition..

konvo punye kad ada ker kak?

Azlina Abdul said...

Thank you all for your kind and sweet comments!

To: Kueh bakar....setakat ni K.Lin belum ada buat kad konvo lagi, tapi kalau you nak order, boleh jer...please contact me via email ye? TQ!

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