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Hari ni dalam sejarah.......for the first time ever, I did a design for the new year AND it's a car themed card! Gosh! I got an order from one of my darling customer who wanted a new year card with a car theme for her had to be either a Satria Neo or Subaru Impreza STI because he loves those type of cars. I love the design on the Subaru so I decided to do that one. After tons of research on the net to find the perfect image of the car, I found one that would be suitable and of course it had to be BLUE in color as it is his favorite!

I had a hard time figuring out how to do the usual lah!! hahaha....I always have that problem when it comes to designing. Just couldn't figure out where to put what! I just went blank for a few days until one day I just sat down and just did it! Time was running out and it had to be done by hook or by crook! Yikes! I really didn't want to disappoint my customer and so the panic began! hehehehe! However, I had to remain calm otherwise all be ruined.

The design for the car was done by drawing the image of the car on a plastic sheet and cut out the design to form a template of the car. Then from the template , I drew the image on paper and cut out the pieces one by one and pasting them on the white paper first before pasting it on the card itself. I adorned the car with all the details of the Subaru and did the finishing touches with metallic gold and silver pen. All around the car I decorated with strips of shiny metallic paper that would shine when it hits the light. I love that effect as it matches the shine on the car. I chose all the colors that is available on the car and cut many strips of multi color paper. Then I glued them one piece at a time next to each other. I formed 4 sections on the card (top, bottom, left and right) and filled the sections with the multi color paper strips. That really tested my patience mistake will ruin the whole card! So I had to be careful.

I'm so happy that it's all done and my darling customer is happy with it. I do hope her BF will be happy to receive it too!!! :)


Anonymous said...

LIn. i pun suspen kalau2 hanafi tak suka..i hope he will like it..thanks alot for the briliant and crative card

Azlina Abdul said...

I think....anything that you give him, he will love no matter what, because he loves you hehehehe! Right? :)

Anonymous said...

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