Merry Christmas everyone!


I just had to post this Christmas card design today before I leave for Alor Setar tomorrow morning!! hehehehe! :D I made it last night......and I got two more to do tonight if my eyes can still open! I'm just so tired but this is something that I just got to do. The cards are for my best buddies.....need to get it sent as soon as possible....before it's too late. Not sure if it will arrive on time, but at least I tried my level best to do it . I guess this is the only Christmas card design I manage to make this year......if I can find the time to do some more after I get back from my hometown then I can post it here. Till then, Merry Christmas everyone! :)


CC said...

Oh, Sweetie! This is so cool & sparkly! So pretty! I also hope your mom liked her birthday card!
Love you!

Azlina Abdul said...

Thank you dear! I love this too! And yes, my Mom loved her birthday card very much!

Love ya!

Grace to You said...

It is fun to see this card again on your blog! :) I am so honored to be one of your best buddies!! And the card is GORGEOUS, even more so in person. Thank you!!

Azlina Abdul said... and CC were the lucky ones to receive this :) And I had so much fun making it too! So happy to know that you loved it!

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