Blue on black......


This card design was a request from my customer who loved the blue heart shape buttons and sequins card I made sometime ago. I heart it too! hihhihi! But the one I did before, had a design that was more suitable to be given to a lady. This one is suitable for both actually, it can be given to a man or a women. 

The original blue heart shape buttons and sequins card was done on a beige colored card. My customer wanted it to be blue on black. So I chose this really smooth pitch black card that's great for pasting on buttons and sequins in large quantity.

Notice the big pop up heart inside the card?'s similar to the Elmo card I made recently. Except that this one is a combination of blues, purple and beige. I also added the wordings my customer requested me to add on the pop up heart itself. Just exactly like the one I did for the Elmo card. I kinda like it done that way :).


Nurul said…
hi! may i knw brp price utk kad ni? and if i nk order, i patut order berapa bulan/ minggu sbelum the actual date ?
Azlina Abdul said…
Hi Nurul...kad ni harganya RM30.00 only. Harga posnya RM4.50 for posexpress. If you confirm your order now, you can get it in May. :) Do email me for more details ya. Thanks!

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