Bright and sweet coloured flowers

I've been playing with the quilling comb a lot lately and been experimenting on new flower designs. Been thinking of what other designs I can do with the quilling comb and I thought of doing something like the above. It's actually a cascading loop technique that I used to make the petals. For one petal, I glued 3 loops together. So, there's quite a few loops to glue together in order to get just one flower. I used 2 different colour quilling strips for the flower. One cyber pink and the other is fluorescent pink. As you can see, I used shredded strips of paper, that's why the flower has those rough edges. I still haven't thought of getting those clean cut ones. Perhaps one day I will but for now, I still enjoy using the shredded type.

As you can see, I seem to love making layouts for my cards this way lately. Perhaps because it's simple and easy to do hihi! No other reason. :D The plain white metallic background highlights the flower designs and puts them in a frame. So the eyes are focused on just that particular part of the card. I was thinking of doing more to it but not just yet. Just enjoy making the flowers and leaves first and think of the rest later ;).


cantikny!!! love the coloursa dn the flower! ♥
;) thank you so much As! Happy that you like the new flower ;).
Katrin said…
Очень красиво!!!
Dr Sonia S V said…
Such beautiful shiny shimmery paper and your petals are amazing
love the color and the flower said…
Very very beautiful! Nice colours and I like rough edges - looks really interesting and nice
It's such a NEATLY made card! Not a strip here or there, not a bend here or there! Noor, you are sooooo good at it!
Kavya N said…
This is just soooo pretty....thanks for the instructions too!!

Very beautiful! Love the colors!
love it just the way it is, the petals are gorgeous, awsome layout of the card !!!
-Candi said…
I absolutely adore your quilling. I'm very new to it myself (as in I have lots of supplies and books but haven't actually done anything yet) I love the texture of your edges so much that I hunted down the same shredder you use on ebay and ordered one!!! I also ordered a comb this week. My 7 1/2yr old and I both plan to learn to quill together and you are a great inspiration!
Mihaela said…
So beautiful quilling, flowers, leaves, colors...are all great!!!
Gayatri Gauda said…
Serene beauty... Simple, bright and beautiful...
Thank you thank you! Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments ;). Love you all!
christmas song said…
so cute flower.beautiful.nice photos

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