Bookmarks for Shruti & Ritesh



A request I received from a dear customer about 2 months ago to make some handmade cards and paper beaded bookmarks for her and dear husband. I took such a long time to get them done, but finally they are all done and ready to be posted. I'm so happy about that. I wish my customer didn't have to wait so long. Luckily for me my customer is such a sweetie. Such a patient customer she is. One of a kind :).

She was very much interested in my paper beaded bookmarks, especially the ones I made that has carved names on them. She requested for her name and hubby's on the bookmarks. One red and the other blue. The bookmarks are quite big in size, about 19.4cm x 7.7cm. I couldn't make them smaller because of the size of the letters and the carved out shapes around it that won't fit in a smaller size bookmark. 

I put extra beads as well for each bookmark since the size of bookmark is bigger. The more the merrier :). 


Eenzy Beenzy said...

Awesome post! Thanks dear for doing this for me.
Hugs <3

Azlina Abdul said...

;) you are most welcome dear! I just had to blog about it! hihihi! Especially since it's different from what I've done before. ;) Happy that you like it so much!


chillin with Quillin said...

very nice, love the ribbon and beads added !!!

Azlina Abdul said...

Thank you so much Paula! ;) Glad you love them! I'm loving it too! hihi!

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