New features to old designs



My V041 and V042 card designs were recreated especially for my customer who ordered these designs for her anniversary celebration. She adored both designs but just wanted some slight additions to it and I agreed to do it as it's just a minor one. The requests were to add names to the front of the card and some wordings inside it, plus the card itself was changed from white to black and the other one from white to metallic white. 

The female bird which is dark pink in colour, I decided to add the "veil" at her head with a tiny white sequin flower just like how I did for my wedding love birds card. So glad my customer didn't mind me doing that for the cards hihihi. Even the quilled birds has a slight change to their body shapes. I love the new shape as it is much slimmer and somehow the inner coils looks more like their wings. You can compare the differences from the old designs and the new ones when you look at the links here -------> V041 & V042. Spot the differences! ;)

Actually, I haven't made these designs for quite sometime now.....and it's nice to be able to make them again....brings  back old memories of making quite a few of the V041 card for my blog giveaways. Come to think of it, I got a lot of practice with quilling when doing those blog giveaways as most of the cards for giveaways are made with quilling decorations on it. :) Good practice for me! ;)

You can view how I make the quilled flower stalk from the video I made below: 


eiela said...

beautiful. love both of them.

chillin with Quillin said...

soooo cute, love them both, like how you made the birds!!!!

Siti Asiah said...

Salam, sy nk tempah yg ini boleh tak?

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