Winners of December 2010 Blog Giveaway!!

Hello there my lovely readers!

Happy New Year 2011!! I'm so excited coz this is my first blog post at LHGC in 2011! Wooohooo! I'm starting off the new year with good news to share with everyone and especially for participants of my December 2010 Blog giveaway. :)

Alhamdulillah, I've managed to check all the entries of last month's blog giveaway this afternoon. Thank you so much to everyone who tried their luck at winning the quilled love birds cards I really really appreciate it! :) There were quite a big number of participants this time as well.

OK! I'm not going to chat much here hehehe....I will just give you the names of the 12 lucky winners for December 2010 Blog Giveaway now. Check it out!!




Zatty Myra

Azie Esmrld

Zue Amin

Siti Farah

Hani Syahidah

Nana Farhana


Izzah Farahana

Nu'nu Safia

Congratulations to all the winners!!!! Please contact me at my email address below to claim your prizes. Do write your full name and complete mailing address. Please make sure you write them correctly ya, to ensure safe delivery.

At last 12 giveaways have been successfully completed. I'm very happy that it's finally over. Thank you so much again to all who have supported me on this journey. I am lost for words when it comes to these things. But let it be known that I really do feel grateful for everyone's support. I can't thank you enough. :)



tiefazatie said…
tahniah pd pemenang!
owh jeles...=)
Lovelyrose said…
tak menang.... huhuhu... ada lagi ke 2011??? kita join lagi...
Sorry Lovely more giveaways in 2011....huhu...need to take a break for a while . Sorryyyy.... :(
Anonymous said…
tahniah kpd yg bertuah
farhi said…
i'm one of them... yippy!!!
Yuenie said…
Congrats to all the winners!
hani syahida said…
err, hani syahidah tu sy ke??
please say yesss..huhu
Ya Hani....rasanya ada sorang jer Hani Syahida yg masuk giveaway bulan I guess its you la hehe.
SyUhAdA said…
thniah kpd pemenang2~!
Huda said…
kak lina,

huda dh emelkan details :)

tq ek!
ezkraf said…
akhirnya menang jugak GA dr K.Lin....thanks kak lin... :)
zue_amin said…

YES!!! last...dpt gak... =)

tq kak lin,

detail sy dh sy reply...
DoodleDesign said…
alaaa... me no lucky too?


All da Best for 2011, to you.. to us!!!
You know what DOodle Design? Until now I have no idea what your real name is. Susah nak address you when I want to say something to you heheehe! My dear, if you like, we can swap artwork together :) Would you like that? I would love to own your artwork hehehe

Thank you for the wishes! All the best to you too in 2011!!
Nu'nu Safia said…
salam kak lin....huhu....
sy baru online....maaf kalau lambat...
sy da email kat akak details sy...

tp kalau da terlambat xpela kak....

thanks ye kak lin,,,
Aditi Aggarwal said…
Hello.I have been checking out your blog for quite a while now.I congratulate you for your talent :)
And would like to know if you will be conducting any give away's in 2012?
Hello Aditi...
Thank you so much for visiting my blog :). I'm not sure yet if I'll conduct any giveaways next year. You'll have to wait and see! ;)
Aditi Aggarwal said…
Sure.I would very much like to participate and share my work with you :)

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