2 hearts in knot


And she did it again!! Yup! Another simple card design for your view today hehehe! Sorry,  I just couldn't help myself....my brain has not been able to come up with complicated designs lately...hehehehuhuhu. ;P

Again......with this design, I experimented with a new clear stamp that I bought together with the clear stamp that I used to make the Solitaire Heart yesterday. I really love this clear stamp. It reminded me of my childhood days when I learned to play the piano. Everyday I had to read these similar music notes and practice playing the piano at home. It's been years since my fingers last touched the keys on the piano. Yup...I do miss playing it. 

I didn't use any quilling technique for this one. I just added those red foam hearts at the sides of the knotted black ribbon and decorated them with silver glitters and tiny white hearts. And it's done. All done in just a few minutes! ;) Woohooo! Fun!


minamisensei said...

this could sooo nice if the design may have the idea of music instrument especially piano...hope i have this stamp..lorrr.hahhaha
btw red in line this week ya?..

Azlina Abdul said...

Good idea Mizam hehehe...but I was just playing with the stamp...just making it simple ;)

Tema Valentine hehe...tu pasal la merah jer heheh

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