Purple mini teddy bears



I made a couple more teddy bear bookmarks today and this time they are in purple theme. I think I love the way the hearts are arranged in this bookmark more than the ones I made yesterday hehe. :) What do you think? ;)

The ribbons used for these bookmarks are different as well. I chose to use the 1/8 inch type of ribbons instead of the usual 1/4 inch I've used yesterday and I am able to mix 2 different colors of ribbons to match the colors on the bookmark.

I've made bookmarks before....lots of them and had them published in my other blog which is at Anilza Beads, but most of them have beads on them. I think from now on, anything that's related to paper will be published here instead and Anilza Beads will just be a blog that's focused on crafts that's more focused on beads.

I had people asking me if these teddy bear bookmarks are for sale. Yes, they are! :) Feel free to email me at inaabdul_21@yahoo.com if you are interested to purchase them. Or you can fill up the order form at the How To Order tab at the top of the blog. Thanks! ;)


zarinaziz said...

tersgt comel!!

Azlina Abdul said...

Thank you Zarina ;)

HeNRieTTa JoSe said...

cute teddy .... cute teddy .... cute teddy ....

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