Teddy bear bookmarks




I'd like to share with everyone today what I made with those cute mini teddy bears I made last month. I made love theme bookmarks with them! hehe! :) There are 3 different bookmarks that I made in this set. 

I used the quilling technique for the teddy bears and cut out by hand those red, dark pink and soft pink foam hearts. It's a simple bookmark...and sweet too hehe :)

What I love most about my bookmarks is that I get to use those eyelets on them. I was really excited that I get to use them for my bookmarks and for future designs on my handmade cards. It makes the bookmark look a little fancy hehehe. ;)


Yuenie said...

oooh the little teddies are so cute!
i've been thinking of making teddy bookmarks myself too, but my teddies are slightly different, their feet are on top of the body =)

maybe you can sell these in a set instead of one by one =) just a suggestion!

Unknown said...

wow! nice bookmark!
btw, visit my blog..
i was strting my bisnss..
u can order cookies=)

Azlina Abdul said...

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments! ;)

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