Preparing the prizes

The results of my December 2010 blog giveaway were announced yesterday afternoon and today I'm in the process of completing the prizes for all the 12 lucky winners. :)

I managed to quill all the parts for the cards, i.e the head and body of the birds, the branch and the leaves. They are now just waiting to be arranged on the cards. Can't wait to get them all done and posted next week. ;)

One valuable lesson I've learned from doing all these giveaways last year is that I get to practice making the same card design over and over again hehehe.......kinda feel like a factory sometimes hehehe......but of course when it comes to handmade products, you can never get them to look EXACTLY the same. There will always be something different here and there. It's inevitable.

Hope to get all the cards done by tonight! Wooohoooooo!!!!


Njeri said...

Congrats to all the luck winners.
I received your card (from September giveaway ) and it's so beautiful. seeing your creation up close made me appreciate your neatness. I definitely need to work on that to make my quilling neater.
one quick question, your card was so nicely sealed. can you tell me how you do that? with a heat press or some other special tool?

Azlina Abdul said...

Thank you Njeri :)
I sealed the card using a machine called the "impulse sealer". You can look it up on google search images to see what it looks like. My Mom bought it for me as a present. She bought it at an electronic shop where you can find all sorts of electronic products like fans, washing machine, etc etc.

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