Temporarily closed

Dear readers and customers of LHGC,

I am truly sorry to announce that I will be taking a break from work for a while. :(  I won't be able to take orders till further notice. This is due to the problem I'm facing with my computer. I have not been able to solve the problem yet and it's difficult for me to work under this condition.

I'm posting this notice before things gets worse. I can't even use my Yahoo Mail.....even my Facebook is having problems....and now I can't even access my Nuffnang account. I have no idea why. Perhaps they are under attack by something huhuhu..... :'(

So yes......we are temporarily closed until further notice. For customers who have already ordered  cards and made payment to me....do not worry,  I will get your orders done for you as promised.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I will update on the development once I get my problems resolved. 

Thank you.


Farida Aryani said...

Beli computer baru kot!

a paper {life} said...

Hi Lin
I am so sorry you are having such trouble with your computer and programs...sounds like a virus but I hope not. You will be back in business very soon, I know it, but you must be very frustrated all the same.

There is a little package in the mail for you so keep your eyes open for it. You will still be able to create {and probably have more time on your hands by not blogging and taking pictures}so I am sure you will have lots to share when you are back.

Take care

Azlina Abdul said...

Baby....ni komputer baru la...baru setahun beli. Mungkin masalah virus kut...entahlah. :(

Cheryl....you are right, this problem with my PC will give me more time to create. But luckily I got a new hand phone that allows me to blog and read my emails...I'm still learning how to use it...a bit slow on that hehe. It's my life saver right now. So sweet of you to send me something. I'm so excited already! A reason to smile this morning! Yippeeee!! Thank you so much Cheryl!! ;)You take care too!


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