Friday, January 14, 2011

It's A Boy!


It's a boy!! It's a boy!! hehehe! :D

A cute purple and blue theme new baby card for a cute baby boy. :) This is a request I got from my Mom.....she wants to give it to her best friend who's daughter just delivered a baby boy. She asked me to make a simple one like I did before but I wanted to make it a little different this time around.

It's nice to once in a while move away from the quilling technique and try making cards with my old style of card making hehe. I haven't made cards like this in such a long time. I miss doing those stripes on my cards hehehe! 

But I couldn't help but put one quilling element on the card. Can you see it?? Yup! It's the baby's hair hahaha! I made it using a 1mm black paper strip that I cut by hand. I plan to make another one for a baby girl.....using the same design but with a different color combination. Will publish it here soon! :)

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farhi said...

cute... baby cam upin, ade jambul kat atas.. hi3

Cards by Cheryl said...

Hi Lin....I can see it! It's on the top of his little head. If you can believe, I made a quilled baby boy yesterday and have the same curl on the top of his head. I will share the card soon.

Love your card as always

Njeri said...

Aw Lin! this is cute. The little curly hair detail adds a very nice touch. My baby boy was born with the little strand of curled hair on top of his head and you reminded me of those baby days! No matter what we did it just remained curly and he was bald the rest of the head! It was very funny.

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Njeri hehehe! That sounds so funny! Do you have a photo of him at that time? Wish I can see it :).

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Cheryl...thanks! I love your bambino and bambina too! :)

Farhi...ha'ah laa....betui jugak...macam upin dan ipin laks hahahaha

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