Giveaway prizes posted!

Phew! I'm so happy today coz all the giveaway cards are done and posted! Well to be honest I only posted 10 prizes today to 10 of the winners because I only managed to get only 10 of them to contact me back  so far with their particulars. I'm still waiting for the other 2 winners to reply my message.

I can't believe that it's over.........the giveaways has come to an end. No more after this.  Felt a little sad all of a sudden huhuhu. Oh had to end one day. Hopefully someday I'll do it again when the timing is right hehehe.

I must say I love the stamping part! Stamping the wordings inside the card was fun! haha! Super easy of course. :D 

I hope all the cards will arrive to all the winners safely.......I would hate it if any gone missing in it's journey to it's destination. There has been cases before where things like that, I'm praying that  for this final giveaway all will be running smoothly.

So I guess this is it.................bye bye giveaways......till we meet again in future. ;)


hani syahida said…
yayy! cant wait..hehehe
farhi said…
wah, x sabar menunggu ianya berada di peti p0s saya.. tq kak lin
Huda said…
thanks u very much kak lin :)
Anonymous said…
nak tye... clear stamp tu blh dpt kat mane yer? kat kedai2 just jumpe yg jenis rubber/kayu je..
Clear stamps boleh didapati kat online shop seperti Scrap n Crop, atau Crafty Heart. Kat kedai2 craft seperti Scrapbook Memories pun ada jual. Most craft shop kat KL ada jual.
ezkraf said…
kak lin....dah dpt card tu...yahooo!!!!...comellss sgt..thanks yer...
i am so in love with this design !
Can i try this by myself ?? hee~ :D
Happy can try it out but you are not allowed to publish it or use it for any commercial use/ sell it. TQ :)

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