For the girl who stole my heart #2


I received a request from a customer who wished for a V038 card design with a different color combination. A combination of RED and WHITE. I kinda like the idea of seeing those two colors combined in this design. I had to add soft pink in it to soften the tone a little. The silver color always adds a sparkle in the design. :)

There was no request for pop ups, so I didn't make one. Just some wordings printed inside that was so beautifully written by my customer. How I wished someone would send me something like that hehehee. 


Yuenie said…
i wish i could get something like that too =)
Sandy Ang said…
Just perfect for Valentines !
Ayu Ikhwani said…
Wah kak Lin, makin ramai yg order kad yg mcm ni ye.. ♥ Your hands ade the Midas touch niiii hehe..

Now I'M wishing someone (or that certain someone) would send me this card jugak~~

Thank you girls! Yup, it's perfect for Valentines Day.

Ayu...your card ni memang ramai betul yg minat hehehe....Don't we all wish someone would send us a card like this huhuhu...
Farihan said…
hye LIN

ur card is very loveable, rasanya saya tahu kut aper ada dlm kad tu, anyway thanks...
Hi Farihan..

ehehehe! You're welcome! I'm happy to know you love it! ;)
agadka said…
i love it it is one of a kind :)
have a look on mine
nurul manal said…
it stole my heart too (^_^) so many things to learn from you..ehe2

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