Foam hearts

I love heart shapes........ :). Be it in the form of beads, sequins, buttons, felt, or foam! I just love them! Don't you? ;)

The photos above are the foam hearts I cut out by hand from the colorful foam sheets I bought. I have them in a variety of, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, cream....and even in black and brown :).  

You can use these heart shape foams as embellishments on your handmade cards, frames, scrapbook, boxes etc etc......up to your imagination! :) These foam hearts can be decorated with glitter glues, metallic pen or sequins on many more ideas. It's such a flexible material. You can glue it on paper using white glue or even UHU.

Thinking of selling them actually. Wondering if anyone would be interested to buy them from me heheheheeh! Anyone?? You can purchase them in a variety of colors or you can choose what color you prefer and how many you pieces you like buy. Email me if you are interested! ;)


khushboo desai said…
its amazing the way you cut them all in one size....

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