Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!


This card was made for my Mom's 59th birthday today.......I wanted to use that furry wire again and couldn't help but use it for her birthday card. I made this card in about an one fast because the time I had to make it was so limited. So I didn't even think much, I just did what I thought was ok. Gosh, if she knew this she would just fire me hehehe......but at least I managed to find the time to do it anyways even though my mind was not working too well lately. hahahaha....... :) Love you Mom.....Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!
This card is also so very suitable for Valentines can be given to your Mother on Valentines Day to show her how much you love her :). 

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sharaf said...

Art...The Gift of God....Keep it up

Azlina Abdul said...

Thank you Sharaf....Insyaallah...I will :)

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