Happy 11th Birthday

This is my second time making this birthday card. The first one was done last May. At the time I was still new to the quilling technique....and I tried to make the light on the candles using the quilled teardrop shape. I didn't quite did it right.....and was struggling on how to arrange the quilled teardrop on the card, making sure it stays in line with the candle itself. But it was difficult to glue all the quilled teardrops one by one. In the end, it looked so untidy :(. Have a look at the card at the link HERE. See the difference from the latest one I made? A big difference right? :)

I finally figured out how to make sure all the quilled teardrops are arranged on the card neatly. And since the birthday girl's age is 11, I managed to arrange 11 candles on the cake! Cool! :) I also had trouble making the pop up. I've forgotten how to arrange the balloons LOL! It took me awhile to get it done but I did it in the end. I guess that's how handmade cards are. They are bound to look different each time you make them. It'll never look exactly the same :).


wahhh cnatiknya kad tu.. suka tgk belon2 comel sgt.. smoga akak dpt hasilkan kad2 yg lebih cun ok~

slm dr aten
Terima kasih Fatin :) Insyaallah kalau dapat inspirasi baru nanti hehehe

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