Quilled marquise flowers


I love making these quilled marquise shape flowers! Why? Well, for starters, they are super easy to make hehehehe. It's just like making a leaf......five of them in order to form a flower. :) My Mom asked me to make a birthday card for her close friend who is celebrating her birthday today. I didn't have much time to make one, so I made her a simple one using simple quilling patterns.

I chose this color based on the colors of the wordings and worked around it to match things up. I like this design because of it's simplicity......even the pop up is a simple one. The weaving on the pop up was bigger than usual....twice the size I've done before....which makes it easier for me to weave the stems of the flowers. The leaves on the pop up were done by hand.....cut individually using scissors.

I can see myself making more of these in future......in different colors. :)


Asma’ AB said...

your popup always makes me feels like fainted for a second! hehe.. love the popup as well as the colour! sgt ceria ^^

Azlina Abdul said...

Thank you so much As! I love the color as well hehehe....it's my Mom's favourite color too you know...hehe :)

Allycat said...

This is a stunning card and beautiful colour combination, love the marquise shape as well. Love all the details! xx

Ann Flowers said...

Such a wonderful set! I love this card, too - so cheery. I need to get busy!

Azlina Abdul said...

Thank you so much Ally! Appreciate it...I am enjoying the marquise shape as well...it's pretty easy to make! :)

Ann....thanks so much!

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