Quilled ketupat

HR016A - No glitters

 HR016A - With glitters


Ok....so far....this is all I'm interested in doing.....quilling ketupat hahahaha..... :D.  I still haven't tried making Raya cards using other quilling forms....only ketupat, ketupat and more ketupat hehehehe! Seriously when it comes to Raya cards, I'm just clueless and blur. It's so difficult to come up with any idea. I was thinking of doing the Pelita....but, gosh, right now...just no mood....something wrong with me. Is it the fasting? Making me so tired and lazy and moody and God knows what else hehehe....

The cards above have very simple layouts. Nothing fancy or complicated at all. I just focused on the quilled ketupat. Making the ketupat as the center of attraction hehehe.....the focal point. At first I didn't even put any ribbon at the bottom of the card. There were only the quilled ketupat on the card......then later on, I thought of adding the ribbons. The photos above did not do justice to the design. Will take the photos again next time when I've completed the envelopes for the cards.

This is a note size card...a bit smaller than the previous quilled ketupat card I made before. No wordings inside it yet. Will make the wordings for the cards soon. I already got something in mind. :) And it's probably going to be simple as well hehehe.


Asma’ AB said...

honestly, i felt hungry when i see all of these.. ngaa ;) can't for for the updates! ^^

Azlina Abdul said...

Me hungry too! LOL! K.Lin suka ketupat kacang and ketupat jagung!! huhuhu!

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