Three pelita

 A soft purple or lilac Raya card with three standing pelita in one row :). I adore this one! hehehe! This is an order I got from my own auntie. She loves the color so much. It's her favorite color. I thought of doing this one for her because she wants quite a lot of them to give to her friends and I thought of something that's easy and quick for me to do. And so I came up with this one.

There isn't much of quilling involved in this design. Just playing a lot with the layout and arrangements of the embellishments. I didn't even make any wording wishes yet to be placed inside the card. I am planning on doing so and will upload the photos of it when it's done. :)


a paper {life} said...

Very nice...I love the different angles of your pictures too.


Azlina Abdul said...

Thank you Cheryl :) Yes...I do try my best to take the photos of the cards as different as possible in every angle I can think of. So that my readers can have a clearer picture of what the card looks like. :).

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