Pop up balloons!


This is a very simple birthday card design for a little girl :) I had a request to do a birthday card for this little girl from a regular customer of mine and was given the freedom to do whatever I wanted. I wanted to experiment on the birthday cake using the quilling technique but decided to make the cake using foam instead. So for the candles I wanted to do the quilling as well....but somehow the rolled candle like paper didn't fit in well with the foam cake. So I used something else instead as the candle and made the fire using quilled tear drop shapes. 

I scattered and glued so many tiny cubes of foam of various colors on the card . I like that 3D effect it gives:) For the pop up....I love using the weaving technique.....so I weaved the paper strings of the balloons on the square pop up to make it look like it's floating hehehe. It's very simple and easy to do. :) It's a very colorful card indeed! :)


mama zharfan said…
as lovely and creative as usual :) me soo impressed with this card :)
Azlina Abdul said…
Really??? You think so...? Thanks so much dear! :) :)
Grace to You said…
The candles and the pop-ups are so cool! Love how the balloons are threaded through the basket weave.
Azlina Abdul said…
Thank you Sandi...I just love to do the pop up basket weave...it's so easy to thread things in it. :)

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