Last day of May 2010 Blog Giveaway!!!

Oh my God......time sure flies is already the last day of May 2010 Blog Giveaway! The giveaway ends at 11.59pm there is time for you to join and stand a chance to win this lovely handmade love theme pop up card :). 

Do click HERE to go to the May 2010 Blog Giveaway post and find out how to enter there.

Follow the simple steps and be a part of the giveaway's an opportunity you wouldn't want to miss!!

Those 5 lucky people who wins this particular handmade love theme pop up cards will be the first 5 people to own this card design.....because I have never sold this card design to anyone yet or used it for my own personal use. So those 5 lucky people will be the first to own and use the cards. :)

So be a part of this giveaway now and stand a chance to be one of those 5 lucky owners of this handmade love theme pop up card!!!! 

I would like to wish all the participants all the very best!! I shall announce the names of the 5 winners once I have checked and done the lucky draw :).  A big THANK YOU to all who have supported the blog giveaway for the month of May. God bless you all!!


tiefazatie said...

i wish im da lucky person..=)..can give to my bebeh..hihi

Azlina Abdul said...

hehehhe...... :) All the best!


i wish too.....tak sabar rasanya nak tahu sape pemenang..harap2 saya bertuah!

Azlina Abdul said...

hehehhe.....sabar2 ye...tak lama lagi saya akan buat announcement :)

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