Combination of two designs


Recently I received an order to make an anniversary card for my customer who was interested in two of my designs. One is the anniversary card AC003 and the other one is the Quilled Roses Card. 

So, I was asked to combine those two designs to create one anniversary card for her husband. She loved the front design of the AC003 card and the pop up inside the Quilled Roses Card. I suggested that we use the same colors of the pop up for the front design and she agreed :). So that's why you see the front design matches the colors of the pop up inside it. Sweet isn't it? I love the pink and green combo hehee. :)


Asma' Ahmad said…
agree! sweet ^__^ bila baca dienye ucapan pun, as yang rs terharu.. huehue~ as suke la style kak lin yang letak manik-manik dekat atas bunga tu. nampak lagi naik dan eksklusif ^^
Allycat said…
Lin, this card is really beautiful. The pinks and greens combination is very pleasing to the eye. Love the scrolls and pink buds. Using the gem is a great idea ;)
As...thank you hehe....I like the crystal sequin too...trying to make it look expensive hahaha

Ally....thank you :). It's an old design but with new color combination...yup, I love the gem too! :)

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