Quilled roses

Quilled roses card

I'm so happy that finally I managed to prepare the card that I promised to make for the June 2010 Blog Giveaway. A quilled flower theme pop up card!  I'm so happy with how it turned out. :)  At first I had a hard time figuring what color combination I was going to use. In the end I chose the pink and green combo. :)  For the quilled flower theme.....I wasn't so sure of what type of quilling flowers I should make. Then I thought of the quilled roses...and so I practiced and practiced to get that same size of roses so many times, my fingers hurt....huhuhuhu. But at last, I got them figured out. So happy about that! Yay!

This a square card with a lovely apple green color. I love this color. So fresh and bright looking! I love how it looks when combined with the white doily and pink combo. I also made a simple pop up inside the card. Flowers weaved at the pop up :). Very simple...very cute heheheh. As mentioned before.....there are no wordings for this card. It can be used for any occasion. :)


Grace to You said…
Yowsa, Azlina - this is stunning! I've never seen quilled roses before - they look so life-life!
Asma' Ahmad said…
el ai kay e! LIKE!! definitely will try my luck ^__^
kak lin,

heart attack!! serious cantik sangat. kalau buat kad kahwin memang best tp aih~~ bila la saya nak kahwin ni :p

kak lin,serious combination colors sgt sgt padan. pink roses tu menyerlahkan green background tu...

ish, serious cantik...nnti kawen nak buat kad mcm ni. msti tak tidur 8 hari 8 mlm kerja duk gulung roses dgn daun tu :D

pjg pulak comment. excited. mcm biasa colors favorite punya pasai.

salam kak lin.
Wait for my entry akak! I really want to win this so badly! Iam so in love with every single thing on your blog ;)
Anonymous said…
Simply gorgeous card!! Love the color combination of the fuschia pink with the light pink. Simply stunning.

Thank you everyone for the lovely comments! :) So happy to know that you all love the card! I love it a lot too! ;)

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