A combination of something old and new....


Ok....I gotta admit.....I have used this purple floral pattern paper for my handmade cards more than once! In fact I've used it twice already. And now for the 3rd time I'm using the same ones. Have a look at the link HERE and HERE to view the older designs of tri-shutter cards that I have made using the purple floral pattern paper.

In this design I have actually combined some of the old designs from the other tri-shutter cards I've made and turned it into something new. Made some changes here and there and walla! It's done and I gotta say that this is my favourite among the three designs.

This is the first time I tried to make the double bow using a 1/8 inch satin ribbon. I saw a tutorial on how to make it on Youtube. I never knew how simple it is to make it until I saw the tutorial. Gosh, I've got a lot to learn! There's so many great tutorials on Youtube.....I just need to find time to view them all hehe!

Another part of the card that I thought was nice are the white polka dots on the dark purple textured paper. I punched out some white paper dots and glued them one by one on the dark purple textured paper. I love how the dots can make such a difference on the look of the card. It just changes everything don't you think so? :)

One other thing that I like about the card is the colour of the distress ink which I blended on all sides of the tri-shutter card to give a dark walnuty shade behind the pattern paper. I just love doing that for my tri-shutter cards these days.

You can have a look at the tri-shutter card and see how it opens up and closes from the video below:


Shylaashree said…
it is such a beautiful card noor
I really love your combination of colors and shapes!
Anonymous said…
cantik sgtt... memang berseni :)

Jom Blog Walking @ buatwanita.blogspot.com Tinggalkan comment tau! I will comment at your blog too kay ;)
Carmen M. said…
Wow what an incredible card!

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