Purple theme tri shutter card

Been thinking about what to giveaway for my readers in July since June's blog giveaway has come to an end...gosh....I can't believe how fast June flew huhuhu.....it's just has been such a crazy hectic month for me....so as I was thinking about it....I thought of this tri shutter card I made some time ago. It was not fully completed...it was just 50% done. It was abandoned because I didn't have the time to finish it back then. So decided to complete it once and for all and give it away for one lucky winner. 

Since I've never given away a tri shutter card before, this card was perfect for such an occasion. Even though the decoration is simple but it was made from the heart :). All the pattern paper you see on the card was sponsored by Miss Sandi Staley.....a dear friend of mine who has helped encourage me and supported my work from the very beginning. I love all the purple and lilac pattern paper I used here. Thank you Sandi! ;) 

The plain lilac colored paper here is for writing on some personal wishes :). Not much space to write even though the card has a lot of space hehe....I practically used up all the other space for decoration. ;) I'm glad I get to use the MS doily craft punch for this card. Somehow it seems to suit the pattern paper I used.



HeNRieTTa JoSe said…
its so beautiful....i'll join the GA again...hehehe....
juraida johari said…
very creative n nice
Sonia said…
Fabulous card Lin! Love the colour and beautiful papers used!
Big hug,
beautiful, love the purple, and pretty print!!!
Grace to You said…
You are so welcome, dear Lin! It makes me happy to see you using those papers and making beautiful things with them!! :)

frutti said…
Wow! This card is so nice! Truly beautiful :)

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