Japanese motifs tri shutter card


Someone requested me to make a card design months ago that is similar to my old card design which you can view HERE. It was an anniversary card that I made some time back but was very limited in stock because of it's pattern paper that I used for that design. I didn't have a lot of stock of that particular pattern paper therefore I was not able to remake it for customers who were interested in ordering it. But since so many liked it so much I decided to make a new design that is similar to it. But in this design, it will be a birthday card and not an anniversary card. But I can just simply change the wordings to fit the occasion because I feel that the design is suitable for both occasions :).

I had with me some pattern papers that I received from Wholeport which I thought would be suitable for this design. And sure enough, they fit really well together.....they compliment each other. Both pattern papers has Japanese motifs on them which I adore a lot.

I used the same type of flowers that I used for the earlier design. It's actually a die-cut flower which I embossed to get the 3D effect. I still maintained the foam hearts design except that the foam hearts which I used here are glittered ones. They are hand cut foam hearts by the way. I cut them myself using just plain scissors.

I gotta say I love the pop up heart that I made for this trishutter card. All because I used a die-cut heart patterns which I recently bought. I pasted 2 more die-cut heart pattern on the left and right side of the pop up heart for the sender to write special wishes on.

I'm so glad my customer loved it so much.....especially since she had to wait so long to get it.....thank you so much for your kind patience my dear ;).

You can view the trishutter card more closely at the video below:


DoodleDesign said...

aduh..mau pingsan if u asked me to do sumthin' like his.
such meticulous and neat handiwork... really creative & beautiful, Lin :).

Suman Pandit said...

This is so beautiful Noor!! so neat ......and the papers are awesome!!

Jaya Raghuvanshi said...

Wow!! what a lovely and colorful card!love it:)

HeNRieTTa JoSe said...

its so cute...i love the flower....look like sakura to me...

Shylaashree said...

stunning card noor, attractive colours

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