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Hello!! Welcome to the Sweet Leaves Quilling Blog Hop at Lin Handmade Greeting Cards! I'm blog number 6! If you have just hopped from Anastasia's blog then you are on the right track! hihi! 

This is my second time participating in Leesandra Diaz's quilling blog hop! So exciting! 22 quillers from across the globe are participating in this wonderful event. This time around the theme for the blog hop is  "Leaves".

I didn't know where to start or how to go about it at first but being a card maker, I ended up making a quilled card after all in the end as it's something I'm familiar with hihihi.....plus I wanted to do this new technique I've learned using the quilling comb, which is my new love in my life hahaha. Yup, I love this new quilling tool. I've been experimenting a lot with it ever since I bought it and learning new techniques that I can do with it. I just love seeing the patterns made using this quilling comb on the card :).

I first got the idea to do the quilled leaves from Leesandra Diaz's post regarding the different types of leaves we can make for this theme. And she showed a PHOTO of Sonali's creations of quilled leaves that caught my eyes. I immediately wanted to try one of the techniques and I changed it a bit to make it my own :). I'm really loving it!

I made a very simple layout for the card and only made one quilled flower using the cascading loop technique and some quilled leaves attached to it. Just a simple design to showcase the quilling comb patterns. No ribbons, no fancy embellishments whatsoever. Just a simple, clean cut design, just the way I like it :).

Thank you for hopping by here and viewing my card design and the next blog in line to hop to is Thusitha's blog! Check the list below! Have fun blog hopping! :)

Leesandra Diaz - http://sweetspotcards.blogspot.com/ (START OF THE BLOG HOP)



YOU ARE HERE (Lin) http://azlina-lin.blogspot.com/







Sandy D said…
Absolutely beautiful, as always! Those leaves are awesome! You're going to have to share your secret ;)
Thank you for participating!
Regina said…
You did a wonderful job!!!! Love each leave and flower!!
Have a marvellous weekend.
Mannayah said…
very pretty .. thanks for sharing :)

Sathya said…
Loved ur work...beautiful!!!
Hussena said…
this is so beautiful i love those leaves.and the technique you have used...amazing!!
Love your leaves lin. May be I will try them too.
Miss Syaz said…
Sooooo cute..Am wondering how you did those leaves..Akak atur satu2 ke?
Nati said…
So cute!!!!lovely!
Nati from Brazil
Very pretty card. Nice leaves:)
love your card Lin....as always, your quilling is awesome
What a lovely piece of work. Tx for the technique of the leaves. I learnt something new from your photo...
I love your card! It is elegant and simple but carefully done.
Best wishes!
very pretty, love the 2 colors for the flower and love the leaves!!!!
Cristina said…
lovely work! best wishes from Romania
Molly Smith said…
Oh my, your quilled project does not look simple to me. It is amazing! I love the color of your flower and the technique of your leaves is perfect. Just beautiful! Thank you for sharing :)
Philippa said…
Your combing technique worked brilliantly for these leaves, and the flower is excellent too! I'm really impressed by your lovely design.

Thanks also for the very kind comment you left on my blog hop post.

With kindest regards
Hello everyone!
Thank you so so so much for visiting my blog and commenting on my blog hop post. I'm so happy you love the design. I appreciate it very much. I'm so touched :). It's been really fun participating in this blog hop! ;)

Love, and hugs to all of you!
Anonymous said…
sis..i nk tanya.. kalo buat kad pakai quilling ni, corak dia xkemek ker? dia kn drpd kertas :)
Soraya said…
just delightful!
Jackie Njeri said…
Hi Lin,
Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. I love the colors you have used on your flower. So pretty.
Crafty Diva's said…
Lin..Salam Aidiladha..

suka la dedaun tu..cantik..
mimie96 said…
salam kakak. makin hari makin menarik hasil kakak ni... semoga akan lebih berjaya dgn hasil yg semakin hari...semakin menambat hati..
luv u ^ ^...
Anonymous said…
You did a very impressive job their Noor. Pretty interesting to have those. Thank you for sharing it. I got an idea to cover it to tableware.
wow, your blog is awesome *o*
amazing jobs , love love ,love!

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