Monday, October 9, 2017

Three layers tiny loops quilling flower tutorial

I'm so excited today that I finally got this quilling flower tutorial done! Wooohooo!!! The last time I did a quilling tutorial was last January, which means it was about 8 months ago. No wonder I feel so at lost when I did the video today, it's because it's been too long since I last did a tutorial. I know there are so many other tutorials that I need to do. So hopefully I will get to do more after this. Been working on this quilling flower a little over a couple of weeks now. Those who follows me on Instagram @azlinaabdul would know about it since I posted some photos of the flower there before.

In the beginning I only made the flower using just a single colour for the whole flower. Then I realized that it would look a lot better with 2 different colours, until one day I realized that using 3  different colours for each layer of the loop would be better.

It took me so long to get the video done because I needed to get the right measurements for the flowers and of course to make some samples of them as well. Also, I needed to plan out how to do the tutorial itself so that it's easy for viewers to understand what I'm teaching them. 

As always I would be using the shredded papers for my quilling tutorials. Because my main mission for making them is to help those who aren't fortunate enough to buy standard/high quality quilling supplies to not feel they need to use expensive quilling papers to make pretty crafts. They just need to be creative that's all. But of course, you could use any type of quilling paper for this quilling flower. It doesn't matter. 

My shredded papers are 3mm wide by 297mm in length. To make one flower, takes about 45 pieces of quilling strips! That's a lot of paper! I was hesitant to do the quilling tutorial because of this. When I realized how long it's going to take to make just one flower, I freaked out! I knew uploading the video on YouTube would take me hours. So I tried my best to make it as quickly as I could! Had to do some shortcuts to make it happen. But I'm glad I did it anyways. At least now I have a video of it in case I forget one day how to make the flower hahahahaha.

Hope you will check out the video tutorial below, HAPPY QUILLING!!!

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Saturday, September 23, 2017

DIY Jeans bag

Hi guys!! Today's post is all about recycling my old pair of jeans. Actually I have two pairs that needs recycling. Can't give them away to the needy because they are not in good condition. Who would want to wear them anyways right? They are not wearable anymore. But even though they are unwearable, I am really reluctant to throw them away because I love the material so much. Besides, there are dozens of ideas on the net that I can Google to find about what I can do with old worn out jeans.

I've seen images on Google and also on Pinterest before of old jeans turned into simple jeans bag many years ago. Back then I never thought that they were something that sewing beginners like me can do. So recently I decided to give it a go after watching a few tutorials on YouTube on how to make simple jeans bag. I dusted my old Singer sewing machine and started the jeans bag project.

For the first try, I decided to use the oldest pair between the two that I owned because I might make mistakes the first time. So if I use the worst one for my first try, which is the one that is light blue in colour then I won't feel so bad if I ruined it HAHAHA!!! Actually to be honest I would still feel bad if it didn't work out because I love both of them.

To make the jeans bag, I don't actually need to use the whole jeans. As you can see from my photos here, you'll get the idea how it's done. To make the bag, you can hand sew it if you don't have a sewing machine. But I decided to use both hand sewing and the sewing machine, depending on which part of the bag I need to sew. Because there are parts of the bag that is impossible for me to use the machine. Especially when trying to sew the handles to the bag and also the zipper.

The photos above shows how I sew the parts of the pants to make it even on both sides.

Then I would measure the length of the bag, make a line and sew from one end to the other and cut off the extra. Now the jeans looks like a bag but not quite yet because I need to sew both ends at the bottom so that it will give the bag some space inside. Otherwise it will look flat. Now all that is left is to sew the lining and later make the handles.

I searched for old fabrics in the store and I found this old square scarf that I owned many years be exact, I wore it when I was 17 years old!!! It's a very old scarf!! LOL! Surprisingly it's still in good condition!! Maybe because I rarely wore it back then. So I decided to use it for the lining of the bag.

No fancy lining for the bag.....I just cut the enough of it for the bag and sew. I didn't make any pockets for the bag on the inside either because the material of the scarf is a bit thin. If it was cotton, it would be more suitable. I totally forgot to take photos of how I sew the handles!! Yikes!! But I did take photo of the early part where I show which part of the jeans that I used to make the handles.

This is the part! I used the whole length of the leg for the handles. I tried to make it as long as possible. If it's too short I won't be able to hang the bag on my shoulders. For the handles, I sew them using the sewing machine as it is faster and neater. It didn't take that long to sew them. It's very easy.

As you can see from the photo above, that's what the handles look like and I sew the handles and the lining at the same time inside the bag. I had to hand sew them because the top part of the jeans had some metal studs that were in the way. If I used the machine, it might break the needle. So to be safe, I decided to hand sew them instead. I did the best I can to make sure the sewing is neat and strong enough, especially for the handles, because it's a big bag. The sewing needs to be done properly or not the handle may not withstand the weight of the bag if I put a lot of stuff in it.

After I finished sewing the lining of the bag and the handles, I proceeded sewing the zipper. It took me some time to find the right zipper for the bag in Alor Setar. There's not a lot of options here for zippers. But fortunately I found one that I really love and it's suitable for a jeans bag. It's actually not meant for bags, but it's for a jacket!! But I really love it because it's so smooth when I open and close the zipper. And the best part is that it has the length that I was looking for!! Yay!! It's so difficult to find a zipper that I wanted. Sometimes I like the design but it didn't have the right length or visa versa. So this jacket zipper was perfect!!!

The first part of sewing the zip was done using the sewing machine and the final part was hand sewn. I also had to sew the end part of the zipper because as you all know, zippers for jackets don't have a stopper. So if I didn't sew the end part of it, the zipper will come off if you accidentally open it all the way to the end. Luckily that is not a difficult thing for me to solve. Just sewing it at the end solved the problem. So that's the end of the sewing project!!

In the beginning, I thought of decorating the bag with laces or some beads and buttons. Funny how in the end I prefer the bag to be left plain as it is....simple. Maybe because I myself am a very simple and practical person. I always look for function and practicality in anything. The beauty always comes second. Hope to make more handmade bags in future. It's so much fun to wear something that I make myself. :)

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Friday, August 25, 2017

Woven paper basket

Hello everyone! Once again I'm trying out something new for myself for a change....something I've never done before but have always been intrigued to try for a long time now. I've seen photos of people posting about weaving paper baskets from old newspapers/old magazines in Facebook numerous times over the years. And each and every time I see them in my Facebook newsfeed, I would be telling myself that this is something that I want to do someday. I guess that day finally came and I am glad I did it!

I searched and searched for video tutorials on YouTube to learn how to make the simplest woven paper baskets that I could do for the first time. And I finally found one that I initially thought was simple to do. Little did I know that it was not as easy as it seems! Haha! 

Rolling the papers one by one and weaving them was really time consuming and tiring too. I didn't have a lot of time in my hands to spend making this paper basket. I only did it whenever I have some short breaks from work. Instead of watching TV or doing other things to relax, I was weaving the basket! Haha! Whatever makes me happy! 😆😆😆.

I found out that there are a few ways of weaving paper baskets, and it's all up to your preference to try out which method that you like best. I was actually looking for a method to weave paper baskets that looks like baskets made from Rattan or Rotan in Malay. Since I found some that did have the similarities, I just had to try it!! I don't have old newspapers at home, but I do have a lot of old A4 papers to recycle and they were just perfect for this little project. I needed to make some paper baskets for me to use to organize some of my craft supplies in them and arrange them nicely on the racks in my craft room. It's a great way to recycle old papers and turn them into useful and practical items. Now there is no reason for wasting anymore papers at home.

One of the methods of weaving the paper basket is by making a base for the basket first before I can start doing the weaving. I thought that was a really brilliant idea because then I would have a really flat and even surface for the base. Although you could use any type of paper to wrap the thick board (I used an old drawing block board) for the base, I immediately thought of this wooden pattern sheet that I bought from MR.DIY a year ago. It has adhesive underneath the sheet so you can peel it off like a sticker and paste it on the board easily. The sheet is easy to clean when it gets dusty, so it's perfect for my paper basket project! Love it! 💗💗💗 

Check out the photos of the weaving process below 👇👇👇

Weaving was fun but rolling the papers was not. I needed a LOT of rolled papers in order to weave a big basket like this one. So it felt like forever to finish this big piece! HAHA! I guess I didn't have enough patience to do it as I was too excited to see the finish product. Furthermore, I didn't have enough time to spare anyways. I would probably do this again when I have some free time but I won't use the same method though as there are many other interesting methods to try out.

Painting the basket with acrylic bronze paint was really fun as it makes it look like a rattan basket. It also gives the basket a fancier look and hopefully will last longer since it's been treated with paint. I simply love the look although the basket is looking a little crooked because of my weaving method hahahaha. Hopefully I'll weave it better next time! 

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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Sweet pink and blue card in a box birthday card


Second card design in August! Woohoo! Excited about that since I only managed to make just one in July! LOL! Been busy with other projects, I hardly have the time to make cards like I used to back in the days. It seems that making quilling kits is more in demand nowadays and preparing them do take a LOT of my time. I also have other work to do that keeps me away from the craft table. However I do hope to have more time to spend on designing cards if possible this month. I also have to make a few birthday cards for birthdays that's coming up soon. Gosh....there's just so many things to do and so little time. 

This card was requested by someone who ordered the tri-shutter card that I made in July. I was supposed to get this one done at the same time but I was just too busy at the time to do it. Luckily for me that I got me a very understanding client. She gave me all the time that I needed to get it done. 

You know it's not that easy to get new ideas for handmade cards sometimes. You get stuck halfway through and start staring at it, hoping for a miracle to happen. But sometimes the ideas just flows like water. Well in this case.....I got stuck in the beginning and later on it just flows non stop. I haven't been making any card in a box for quite sometime....I did however made lots of them last year. They can be pretty challenging sometimes to create as there are so many sides to decorate on them. And they all have to match and harmonize. 

I did however get a lot of help making this card by using die-cuts that I bought some time ago. So I don't have to spend too much time cutting everything by hand or make them myself from scratch. All I had to do was to just figure out how to match them altogether in one card. Find the same colour combinations and matching theme and then BAM!! It's done! You just have to know what fits where and enhance them to make them look fancy with the sticker and bling blings.  But I did however do a little hand lettering to write the name of the birthday girl and her birth-date as per request. 

Do check out the video of the card design below and see how the card opens and closes. Thank you so much for watching :).

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Pop up 3 layers birthday cake card


First card for August! It just so happens that on the 1st of August, my Mom and I celebrated a dear old friend's birthday. So for that I made a card for the birthday girl who turned 62 this year. I still can't believe she's 62! Wow! Feeling a little old myself right now! We're 20 years apart! Known her since I was in kindergarten. Always thought that she was the prettiest school teacher at the school where my Mom and Dad taught in.

Anyways...back to the card design always, I would be rushing like a mad woman trying to get the card done on time as I was extremely busy at the time with orders. In the midst of figuring out what to do....I realised that she has never received a pop up card from me before. So, I thought, it would be a good idea for her to get one from me this time around. The fastest and easiest pop up for me to do when I have very little time is that pop up 3 layers or tiers birthday cake I bought from MR. DIY two years ago. I bought quite a few of them so that I can use in times when I am in a hurry haha! I love that the cake comes with numbers that we can use to show how old the person is. It's a diy pop up would have to assemble it yourself. Luckily for me since I know how to assemble that type of pop up, it was easy peasy for me to do.

Usually it would take me about 5 to 6 times to write Happy Birthday with the calligraphy pen before I can get it right. I was surprised I only did it once this time and was happy with it! LUCKY ME!! Saved my ink! LOL!!!

Do check out the video below and see how the card pops up!! Thank you!!

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