Sunday, May 1, 2016

DIY stationery holder

I think I've always been a very practical person. Not focusing too much about the esthetics of the things I buy, but more concerned about how the product will improve my life. I guess this has something to do with my Mom's teachings since small.

I also have the tendency of recycling things in the house that I find can still be of use to me. Why throw them away when they can still benefit me somehow. Some used products can't be recycled and are thrown away and some can be recycled and I will turn them into something useful and give them a new life.

Used toilet rolls for example. I have been thinking of how I could reuse them for months now. During Chinese New Year, an idea just hit me. I wanted to fill the box that I got when buying drinking water, with those toilet rolls and use them as stationery holders! I really needed one anyways since what I was using before could no longer hold all the important stationery items I use everyday. I wanted the important ones to be kept in one place and make it easy for me to find them.

Since the box I wanted to use is quite big, I would need a lot of toilet rolls to fill it up. So the collection began since CNY. I kept collecting them one by one until one day the whole box was filled up with the rolls. Since I am too lazy to decorate it with a lot of fancy decorations, I kept the decoration minimal. For me, what is most important is the function. 

The first thing I did after the collection of toilet rolls were complete, was to paint the box with white acrylic paint. Then I would glue all the toilet rolls together using a hot glue gun. Glue them one by one to the box. This way, they will stay put in the box and won't move around when I add my stationery items in them.

I then filled the rolls with all my stationery stuff. I was able to fit in all my pencils, pens, markers, rulers, glue, scissors, brushes and many more stuff in it. I was so happy they all fit in! But as you can see, it looks so simple and unfinished. I didn't even paint the toilet rolls. I don't have the time for it. I just kept it simple.

Then, I got another idea. Since the box is big, I thought of using the space outside it as a notice board!  So what I did was, I took an old Styrofoam sheet I had, cut it up to fit the size of the box and wrapped it up with a dark blue paper. Pasted it on the box and walla!!! I got myself a mini notice board that I can use to pin my To do List or pin other reminders.

I didn't stop there.....I continued with another idea, which is to paste on the other side of the box with magnets!! Yes, so if I wanted to use the other side of the box, I could use magnets to stick notes there too! 

I really love this idea and I hope this will inspire others to recycle the toilet rolls too. If you are not lazy like me, you would probably be more creative in decorating and painting the stationery holder. It would look pretty for your craft room! Remember to recycle those toilet rolls and keep them away from the junkyard. Make something pretty with them, and there are a lot more ideas to be found in the net that we can do with the toilet rolls. Have fun!!

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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Soft purple and grey pop up hearts box card


When I first got this request, I thought to myself....hmmm have I ever done this colour combination before?? I thought I had never done it before.....then I remembered I had done it years ago. It was of course a totally different type of card though, but there sure was purple and silver involved!!

The only difference though is that, for this one, the purple has to be a soft pastel purple and I was a bit worried about that. I kept thinking if I could actually make it work! I didn't have a lot of soft purple pattern papers in my collection. So the choices were pretty limited. Same goes for silver or grey colour. Although with the limited choices that I had, I was determined to make it work! :)

There is a really easy trick to match certain pattern paper that does not match with the colours from the other pattern papers if you plan on using more than one type of paper for the card. All I did was simply add those sparkly plastic rhinestones to it or matching ribbons! Immediately it will give the paper something in common with the other. So now they match! Haha! 

At the back of each box card that I made will have a small area for you to write down your personal wishes. I made it simple with just straight lines all the way from the top to the bottom.

Brush lettering the sentiments again for this card and at this point I already started to feel tired of using the brush. It could be because my right hand still hurts. I think I spent at least an hour trying to write this sentiment and ruined so many pieces of paper in the process. I haven't bought a dip pen yet but will probably do so soon for the sake of my aching hand. Still haven't made up my mind on which type of dip pen I should get. Arrrgghh....decisions, decisions!

While I busy myself making up my mind, why don't you check out my video below of the box card I made. Have fun watching it! Thank you!

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Friday, April 8, 2016

Red and Yellow Roses tri shutter birthday card


Red and yellow roses together! I don't think I've ever done that before! But I'm loving it now :). When I was requested to do this combination, I must admit I was little worried but once I found the right pattern paper to match the roses, I was able to figure out how to decorate the card with those colours.
These colours turned out looking really bright! I was able to tone it down just a little bit with the cream and dark green colours. This tri shutter card design is similar to the previous tri shutter card design I made before. The only difference is that I just change the colours and the sentiments. The one before was an anniversary card and I think I added less roses for that one. For this new one I figured out how to add more of it without disturbing any parts of the front design and photo frame. 

I had trouble deciding on how to add the sentiment on the front part of the card. The photo frame is big and there isn't much space to add any words without disturbing the photo frame. A decision had to be made and I decided that I would write the sentiments using the brush lettering technique coz then I'll be able to fit in those roses nicely on the photo frame. Unlike the previous design I made the sentiments by stamping the sentiments using clear stamps. They were big size fonts and would definitely not be able to fit all the words. So the brush lettering saved my day!

Here's how I wrote it using the smallest brush I had....

I'm having problems with my right hand now after a minor accident at home. It's a little bit challenging to write now as it hurts quite bad especially when writing with a brush. I definitely need to get me a better brush pen or calligraphy dip pen for writing sentiments as I love how the thin and thick lines form during the writing process. It's a little different than using a ball point pen where the lines are the same thickness. I'm a little over obsessed with the lines these days! haha! Who knew I would be? And it's all because of the brush lettering I've been doing the past few months that got me concerned about it. I think I would be for quite a long time! Haha!

Do check out the video I took of the card and see it in motion! Thank you!

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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Pop up balloons birthday card


This birthday boy card was indeed a rush to make. I didn't get much time to do it as I was given such a limited time to get it done. Usually I take such a long time to get a card done. I can be pretty meticulous and find it hard to make a decision. In short, I'm super slow. So I really shocked myself when I did get it done in the end. Haha!
I'm 100% sure that part of the reason is because I was give 100% freedom to design it anyway I like it. I was only told that the colour of choice is blue, so there must be blue colours on the card and the boy's age and name must be added on it too. That's about it!
It had to be simple because of the time constraint. That was the only way I could get it done on time. I was lucky enough to have the type of pattern paper that was suitable for the occasion and everything just went well after that. I was relieved! I really love the balloons pattern paper. Finally I get to use it for this card. It's super cute for boys that age. And from there I got the idea to make pop up balloons. I drew and cut the balloons one by one by hand. No die cuts ok!! Haha! Just a simple pattern to draw and cut. Easy!

I also wrote the sentiments myself using a small brush and ink. Gosh I'm so glad that I could do it myself, because then I never have to worry about printing them again. Or stamping for that matter! Just write it! As simple as that! I do have to get me more ink colours though. The ones I have now are quite limited and only suitable for limited colours of cards. Do check out the video below! Thank you!! :).

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Pink and green pop up anniversary card


March must be a month that I concentrated a lot on making "card in a box" cards. This pink and green anniversary card is one of them and there's plenty more coming soon! I have always loved combining colours of pink, green and white. And so when I got a request to do a card with these colours I got really excited!

I have used that checkered pink and green pattern paper before for a tri-shutter card this year and I used it again for this card because the pattern looks good for the box. I had fun decorating the card with lots of green, pink rhinestones and pearls too. So the box looks so fancy with those little precious gems on it. It enhances the look of the card and makes it look a little fancier than usual. Just simple add ons can make a lot of difference to a simple design.

Brush lettering was simply something I can't seem to run away from lately as I am so in love with it these days. I just had to write the sentiments with that technique. Furthermore if I didn't practice writing with the brush every other day, I might lose the skill. So, why not just do it right? 

Arranging those craft punch heart shapes that pop ups from the box one by one was a little challenging because I have to make it look balanced. Not too many of the big ones and not too many of the small ones either. The quantity has to be balanced out.  

Hope there will be more pink and green combo handmade cards coming in future with a different twist to them. I just love exploring new ideas with it! Do check out the video I made with the card and see how it pops up when I open it! Thank you! :)

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Promosi terhad - Basic Quilling Set

Promosi terhad khas untuk quilling beginners!!

Khas dalam bulan Mac ini sahaja, Lin ingin memberikan promosi istimewa buat quilling beginners. Sebelum ini, setiap quilling set yang Lin jual berharga RM18.00 setiap satu set. Harga sebenar setiap set adalah RM21.00 kalau dikira jumlah setiap satu barang dalam set tersebut. Tetapi Lin berikan harga istimewa kepada semua pelanggan Lin yang ingin membeli quilling supplies dalam bentuk set ini supaya semua pelanggan Lin dapat mencuba quilling set yang Lin buat sendiri ini. Now everyone can do quilling at a very low cost! Hehe! 

Walaupun Lin tidak mendapat pulangan yang banyak dengan membuat quilling set ini tapi inilah sumbangan kecil Lin buat peminat seni kraf quilling di Malaysia. I do enjoy making this quilling set for my customers. I love seeing those happy faces when they get their quilling tools and read their happy messages to me. It makes me feel good that I am able to help them do this quilling craft.

Dan sekarang, kalau anda membeli 2 quilling set atau lebih (terhad untuk bulan Mac sahaja ya!), harga quilling set akan dijual pada harga RM16.00 sahaja setiap satu. Ini harga paling rendah pernah Lin tawarkan untuk set quilling ini yang mempunyai quilling supplies seperti yang disenaraikan di bawah:

Basic quilling set consists of:
1. One handmade slotted quilling tool (rainbow colour) 
2. One bottle of white glue
3. One mini circle template
4. Four packs of quilling papers -  200 pieces of quilling paper altogether, 80gsm, size (3mm x 297mm).

Promosi ini special untuk semua peminat quilling di Malaysia yang ingin mencuba quilling untuk pertama kali. Walaupun harga barang sudah naik di Malaysia, tetapi Lin tetap nak buat promosi ini atas permintaan ramai yang selama ini ingin membeli lebih dari satu quilling set untuk diberikan kepada ahli keluarga dan juga untuk anak-anak murid di sekolah. Hanya tinggal 3 hari saja lagi untuk grab peluang ini!! Siapa cepat, dia dapat!! :)

Boleh contact Azlina di WhatsApp 017-6508141 untuk menempah basic quilling set ini. Terima kasih!


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Monday, March 28, 2016

Fesyen Tudung Benang Hijau Terkini di Zalora!

Hello everyone!
You must be wondering what this post is all about right? Something different from the usual craft post I do here since day one. Well, today I'm doing a special post about a special new brand called Benang Hijau that is currently trending at Zalora Malaysia. If you didn't know, Zalora Malaysia is one of the fastest growing online retailer in Southeast Asia! I personally have checked out the tudung collections at the site and they are all gorgeous!! I can't wait to get the collection for myself soon! Yay!! Do read a short introduction about Fesyen Tudung Benang Hijau below :). As you can see, I wrote it in Malay as I plan to mix some of my post in the future in the Malay language once in a while to make my blog more Malaysian friendly! Haha! ;)

Ok girls! Untuk pengetahuan semua, Benang Hijau sebenarnya bukanlah nama yang begitu besar dalam industri fesyen tempatan dan masih belum setanding dengan jenama-jenama tudung popular tanah air seperti Airiani, Naelofar Hijab dan seumpamanya. Namun, jenama yang masih "hijau" ini telah mempunyai jumlah penggemar yang cukup ramai dan semaking mendapat tempat di hati para hijabista.  Bermula secara kecil-kecilan, Benang Hijau Collection kini mengorak langkah yang semakin besar dengan mempertaruhkan koleksi tudung online yang cukup berkualiti dengan rekaan yang trendi.

Jika dilihat secara kasar, koleksi tudung Benang Hijau rata-rata sama dengan koleksi tudung online dari jenama-jenama online yang lain. Namun, apa yang membezakan koleksi tudung jenama ini adalah penggunaan fabrik yang digunakan dalam pembuatan setiap helai koleksi tudung adalah benar-benar berkualiti dan menepati jangkaan para pembeli. Benang Hijau sangat pentingkan kualiti pada setiap koleksi tudung yang dicipta dan kepuasan pelanggan amatlah dititikberatkan.

Selain menggunakan fabrik yang selesa dan mudah untuk dipakai setiap hari, koleksi tudung Benang Hijau juga dijahit kemas dan direka dengan teliti. Bukan itu sahaja, malah koleksi tudung-tudung ini juga boleh anda miliki dalam tawaran harga yang jauh lebih murah daripada jenama-jenama popular yang lain. Ini sangat menarik kerana kita boleh mendapat kualiti yang sama tanpa perlu membayar lebih. Yay!! Itu yang saya suka! Dan saya pasti anda pun suka juga kan? Hehe! ;)

Untuk rekaan koleksi tudung Benang Hijau yang terkini, mereka kini membawakan koleksi instant shawl Benang Hijau yang boleh anda dapatkan dalam pelbagai pilihan warna dan corak yang cantik dan menarik! Rekaan tudungnya yang cukup praktikal membolehkan anda menggayakannya ke mana sahaja yang anda inginkan! Senang serta cepat untuk digayakan dan cantik sentiasa!

As you can see from the photos above, the instant shawl can be matched with the other chosen accessories and outfits perfectly to make you look good everyday. So what are you waiting for girls?! Go check out the link and get your cool and trendy tudung from Benang Hijau today!! Stay cool and trendy always with Zalora Malaysia! :)

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Purple and peach roses easel card


I cannot remember if I have ever done a purple and peach colour combination before in the past for any of my handmade cards but I'm glad that I did so for this card as I really like this combination. It's all thanks to my customer who requested these colours.

This is also a first for me to add a photo frame on an easel card. This is another request from my customer. I've already done photo frames for my tri-shutter cards before and I was excited that I could try to add one for this easel card too. The only issue is the size of the frame. I knew I could not fit a big one on it, so I added a small one, that is just big enough to fit a photo of a person in it. 

The design for this card is a lot similar to the easel card design I've done before where I decorated it with lots of die cut paper roses. I just love making them! Especially with patterned papers.

I also tried to write the sentiment myself with the brush lettering technique. I still have a lot to learn and I love learning how to do it. I am constantly learning and improving my brush lettering strokes. I do so that I am able to use the skill on my handmade cards. I do love seeing them on my handmade cards a lot! It simply is a good thing to see for a change from computer printing or stamping.

Do check out the video below to see how the card opens and put on a stand. Thank you! :)

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Red and black card in a box birthday card


This card is actually a remake of my HB118B card that I made sometime ago. I got a request to make the same exact card unfortunately some of the sponge stickers are no longer available in the market. So I had to find other sponge stickers that would be suitable as a replacement.

Luckily I could find some that would match in time before the due date. Card design like this one is easy to mix and if there is one or two of the items on the card that is no longer available it can easily be replaced.

This card sure is very colourful, suitable to be given to a girl or guy. I should make more stocks of this card if I can. Do check out the video I took of the card so you can see how it opens and closes. Thank you!

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