Hello everyone!

It's good to be back here again! I've got a new quilling tutorial for you guys. I'm a bit late in updating about this new tutorial. I uploaded the video on my YouTube channel a few days ago. Actually I got a request to do a tutorial on this quilled star from a lady named Jenny Hand from Facebook. She found a photo of a quilled star on Pinterest, but was unable to understand the directions on how to make it because it was in a foreign language. I didn't ask her what language it was or who was the designer. My mistake there, I should have asked. 

So, since the design is something I'm familiar with, because I've done the quilling combing technique before, and it's always used to make quilling flowers, I agreed to do this tutorial for her. The only difference from the original design is the colour and that I added the plastic rhinestone to make it look prettier. I'm so glad that I managed to make the video on time for her. I wasn't feeling too well lately, so it was good to be able to help her out. Glad she enjoyed the video. Hope you guys will benefit from it as well! :)

Do check out the video below! Thank you! :)


Ezra Hidaya said...

Thank you for this video tutorial, it is now easier to understand the pattern. Some students do not understand written steps. This activity is good for kids just like other assignments or best MBA assignment help activities.

Janet R. Mack said...

Welcome back! Your new quilling tutorial is a fantastic addition. Addressing a specific request shows a thoughtful engagement with your audience. It's admirable that you responded to Jenny Hand's request, making the craft accessible to those who may have struggled with foreign-language instructions. Your willingness to share creative skills and overcome language barriers through your tutorial is commendable. Looking forward to more inspiring content from your YouTube channel!
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