DIY Quilling Paper Organizer

Hello everyone!

I'm sorry I have been missing in action again but this time I guess I went a little to far. It's been months I know. I miss sharing stuff here.Today I have something I'm excited about to share with you quilling lovers out there. Especially quilling beginners who are on a tight budget and loves to recycle stuff like me. If that's you then you would appreciate this post very much.

I do wish that I had done this years ago when I was extremely active in quilling. It would have helped me tremendously with my work. Nevertheless I'm happy that I did it now especially when I am in the process of redecorating my craft room.This quilling paper organizer would definitely stand out.

I have always been having problems storing my quilling papers. I've been keeping them in plastic casings individually according to their colour and placed them all in baskets for years now. All jumbled up together, rarely neatly arranged, no matter how hard I tried. Always looking so messy in the baskets.

So for the past few months now, I have been collecting some empty kitchen towel tubes. They are relatively long enough for my quilling paper. I don't think that it's suitable for those really long quilling paper that one buys from craft stores. 

My quilling paper are made from A4 printing papers. Although it is a little bit longer than the tubes, it's ok because the paper will be placed mostly in the tube itself. So even though the ends of the paper will be seen coming out of the tube, a major part of it will be in it. So the ends of paper won't bend. It will be laying straight along the tube. Each tube can fit hundreds of quilling paper. So I will have enough space for all my quilling paper from now onward. Awesome! 

I made a video tutorial of how to make the organizer for the quilling paper and I uploaded the video on my YouTube channel. If you are interested to see how it's done, do check it out a the video below. I do appreciate it a lot. Thank you so much! :)


adnil linda said...

missed to quill again...

Azlina Abdul said...

Hi Adnil Linda!
Yes, I can understand what you mean. I don't get the chance to quill a lot like last time. But I do try to do it any chance I get. Hope you can too!:)

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Hi kak LIn.. Do you still do cards? Still remember the one you did for me years ago and still love it till today even if I'm not the one who kept it.

Sadly the person it was intended for passed away a few years ago. I was heart broken.

Just now I was going through old bookmarks and came across the card I asked you to make.Hope you are doing well :)

Barbara Nimmo said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog post about DIY quilling paper organizers! It's always inspiring to see creative and practical crafting ideas.

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Kit Charles said...

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Jennifer Walsh said...

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Jennifer Walsh said...
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