Shades of pink


Pink, pink pink everywhere......different shades of pink on one card. But one of the flowers here, the colour looks like peach, when actually it's cyber pink... lighting problem :(. I'm experimenting with another type of leaf pattern that I've tried to turn into flowers. It's similar to the flowers I made yesterday but has a slight twist to it. 

Remember the quilling blog hop I did early this month? Have a look at the link HERE. Look at the leaves. It's the same technique I used for the petals of this flower. The only difference is that I squeeze the middle part of the petal close together so that it looks like a petal. It can look like a leaf as well, if you use green colour quilling strips :). 

Basically, there are a lot of quilled patterns out there that we often use to make leaves but we can also use them for making flowers. All we have to do is just change the colours.....colours that are suitable for flowers. This is just the basic pattern, but I know there are a lot more that we can do with it to make it different. All up to our creativity :).

This flower is made using the combing technique. And like the recent Christmas flower, I used the flat hair comb to make this flower too. All because I love the small loops I get when using the hair comb. But of course you can also use the quilling comb to make these flowers too. How I made these flowers is just like the flowers I made for the Christmas card. Same technique except the part when I want to fold it in half, I fold it the other way around. Kinda complicated to explain it here. But I will make a tutorial about how to do it one day. It's difficult to take photos of it while quilling it though that's why I haven't made it yet. Must get someone to take photos of it for me while I'm combing the quilling strips hihihihi. :D

I also tried to do the Royal flower using the same flower from the card above. I just took the slotted tool and twisted the loops inside each petal and this is how it turned out. Not as nice as the original Royal flower though. I still prefer the original one that looks soooooo beautiful. You can make the Royal flower using the husking technique. That is another quilling technique that I have yet to try. I must try it someday! hihi! You can see the tutorial on how to make the Royal flower at Simple Ryhme's blog link HERE. :)


The flowers are gorgeous Noor! How do you get them SO perfect! Not a twist here, not a turn there! My Goodness!
really awsome flowers, love the pinks !!!!
Such a lovely flower greeting card. So pinkish and girly in style. Perfect card for my bff. :)
Thank you so much everyone for your lovely comments. Appreciate it so much....glad you all love the pink card hihi! :)
WhiteRacoon said…
very? very cute! the petals look so gentle!
kiddo said…
Very lovely flowers! Love the vibrant colors you used for them! And the design is beautiful!
Cik Sara said…
cantik.. ada juga try buat. tapi susahnya nak samakan saiz bila kembangkan..heee
Priya said…
Lovely flowers!!

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