Ribbon ketupat


I received an order from my customer who was interested in one of my Raya cards design. It is a design that I made last year. See the card design HERE. She requested that the colors of the cards be in pink theme and the other in red and white theme. So that's how it all started. :) I personally love them both but prefer the pink one better because the soft pink color is sweet :)


Asma' Ahmad said…
yang merah putih tu looks stunning dan happening! ^^ like! like! like! ;)
Allycat said…
They are both gorgeous but the pink has a slight edge as I love pink/purple. Really lovely cards Lin.xx
As...thanks dear! :)Ketupat lagiiiiiiii hehehehehe!

Ally...thank you dear! Me love pink one too! hehehe!
Baby said…
pink always be my and my mama's favorite color..

red and white is her's favorite color (u know who she is,Lin) hehe
zarina said…
merah menyerlah
Farida...thank you for the comment! Yup! I hope that someone will be so thrilled to get that red and white raya card hehehe :)

Zarina...thanks! yup! memang menyerlah hehehe
Anonymous said…
harga dia berapa erk....?
Anonymous....please email me for the price and other details ya. Thanks! :)
Yan said…
ni blog lin yg baru ke?
eh tak la Kak Yan....ni blog lama tapi Lin dah tukar layout, color etc etc....so nampak macam baru ler hhehehehe

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