Ready for delivery

Dear winners of July 2010 Blog Giveaway.......

So sorry that I'm taking such a long time to deliver the cards and bookmarks to you girls......I've just finished making the cards today as you can see from the photo above. I've been pretty busy this week with work and also busy taking care of my Mom who's been ill for a week now. :(

No worries girls.....a promise is a promise so I shall be posting the cards and bookmarks to you as soon as I can. I just need to pack them up nicely so that all will be arriving to it's destination in good condition. :)
Do be patient ya! :) Thank you so much for your kind understanding!



Allycat said…
Lin, don't worry about it and take your time, no rush. Your mum comes first so take care of her. Mums are too precious! Hope she's feeling better now.xx
Thank you so much Ally! :)Appreciate it :) She is getting grateful for that.... :)
Asma' Ahmad said…
i can wait forever to have your art, kak lin! ^^ hope your mom get well soon. n don;t forget to take care yourself also ♥
As...thank you so much!! I hope she gets well soon too! I will take care, don't worry! :)
tiefazatie said…
no worries sis..=)..hope ur mum get soon ya sis..take ur time..its ok..=)..very nice card sis!cant wait for it!love the red one!hihihi..nice for en.bebeh..hihi
Tiefazatie...thank you for your kind understanding....and for your get well wish as well....hehehe....yeah, many are interested in the red quilled heart as well....mari mari kita tengok sapa yang dpt nanti hehehe....surprise surprise... :)
iYda Juhar said…
wah!!!!!!!!! tak sabar nak tunggu dapat "heart" kak Lin. ehheh

thanks :)
tiefazatie said…
wah...sis lin..tq2..ifa got the red quilled heart card from u sis..tq so much!i love it!so gorgeous..hii..=)
this is my tq entry 4 u sis..=)

tq so much!
iYda Juhar said…
tadaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!

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