Quilling rectangles


I'm so happy today because I was able to make a few quilled pelita for my Raya cards :). This was only possible after I learned how to quill rectangles. Before this, I only knew how to quill squares, but never attempt to quill rectangles.....and I learned how to do it by watching videos on Youtube. Youtube is my Sifu (Teacher) hehehehe. 
After pasting the quilled the pelita on the card, I decided to add a stand for it. I really love it! At least the pelita does not look like it's floating in the air hehehe. I like making the pelita.....because it's a lot easier to do compared to making the quilled ketupat :). Not to mention, faster to get the card done too! :D


Jackie said…
Hi Lin,
Your card is beautiful. The quilled rectangles are really beautiful.
cant wait to see what you do with this skill.
Asma' Ahmad said…
kak lin! kak lin memang pandai buat kad nampak meriah.. this is truly represent the colour and sensation of 'eidulfitri =D
Anonymous said…
nice one...
Hi Jackie...
Thank you! It's my first try at making quilled rectangles...and I'm loving it now! :)

Hi As....
Thank you dear! Kak Lin hentam jer...tapi bila tengok balik rasa macam banyak sangat warna hijau plak hehehe...memang warna raya betul la! hahaha

Anonymous..thank you! :)
Hajim Yusof said…
Salam, where can I get this kind of card raya? TQ
Salam Hajim Yusof,
At the moment, there are no stock for this card raya design. But if you wish to order it,I can make new ones for you, so do WhatsApp me at 017-6508141 for more details. TQ.

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