Quilled butterfly pattern

My first ever quilled butterfly card! hehehe! It's so simple!!! I'm so excited about this! This design is the result of so many experiments of quilled butterflies that I've been making for the past few days. So far, this particular one is the easiest and most suitable to combine with the three quilled marquise flowers. :)

Actually this card is meant for my August 2010 Blog Giveaway. Yup.....I'll be giving this card away to 8 lucky winners heheheh.....along with another surprise which I will be blogging about soon. :)

This card has no pop ups inside. Didn't plan to make any for it though. It's suitable for any occasion.....as a Thank you card....or Thinking of You card.....or whatever suits your fancy :). It can be anything you want it to be.  


Asma' Ahmad said…
OMG!!! dotdot tu sgt comel! >.< the color also, plus the background colour. kad ni nampak sweet and cheerful and exclusive. kemas dan simple :) totally love this very very much! ♥
hehehhe.....thanks As! KLin dah lama dah teringin nak buat dotdotdot camtu kat butterfly heehehe....I love it too! I've seen a lot of other designers do that kinda thing on their cards as well....ada yg buat kat kapal terbang la, ladybird la, burung la...dah macam2 lagi. KLin memang sengaja buat warna hitam utk menaikkan warna pada bunga dan butterfly tu hehehe.... :)
Anonymous said…
Beautiful card, Lin. Love the colors of the flowers and butterfly. The background color on the card is well chosen as it shows off the other colors well.

Your quills are perfect - every one of them. Once again you have put your heart and soul into this card.

Allycat said…
So gorgeous Lin, the colours really stand out against the black card. I like the dot3 too. Its a very popular technique to give the illusion of movement. Well done. I like so much :-)
Thank you so much :) Believe me, it was not easy to make them...lots of practice hehehe....so happy to know you love the colors...I love it too...and yes, the black card does make the butterfly and flowers look more outstanding. :)

Yes...the black card did an amazing job in bringing out the colors of the butterfly and flowers. It stands out. So happy that you like it! I like it a lot too! :)
Grace to You said…
All of your quilled cards have been gorgeous, but this one really takes the cake! :) I love the black background - really makes the colors pop!
I might send you one Sandi! :)

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