Pink + green mosque


Another cute but funny looking mosque is added to my quilled mosque - Raya cards collection today :).  This time I am using a combination of pink and green....which is one of my personal favourite combo. I just had to use the green card again. Love the green paper so much....such a bright green color. Pretty striking. 

It's a cute note size card like most of my other Raya cards I made this year. I prefer to make them in small sizes unless requested otherwise. No pop ups for this the wordings are pasted on the card itself. I even made changes to the design of the quilled mosque itself.....not a major change...just a small one. Just to make it look a little different from the first one. :) I think I prefer this one because it's sweeter :).


Very Pretty...I gave you an award on my blog...stop by to pick it up!
Thank you Christina! Appreciate it!!!
khalmuz said…

This card is cute, i like.

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