More ketupat cards!



:D Yes...I know I's quilled ketupat AGAIN! LOL! I just can't help myself. This time around, there's only two quilled ketupat on the card instead of three. Another simple design :).

I made a pop up inside where I pop up the wordings. Very simple ya? :)


Asma' Ahmad said…
ketupat again? hehe.. but i like it too! semakin meriah, kak lin =D ishy, rs nk digging lagu-lagu raya lah :P
hehehe...yup...ketupat ahhhhgain! LOL! Addicted! :)
Love... said…
lin.. how much is this?
would like to have itt
Love....the card costs RM8.00 a piece. It has a pop up wording on the inside. Email me ya for details on how to buy the card. TQ!
My email:
cantiknyerr...creative la u dear :)

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