Thank U to a #1 Teacher


I wanted to share with everyone one of my Teachers' Day cards today. It's a design I made just a little while back but never published it here before. It was an order I made for a customer. I made two for her but she only bought one. This particular design is not that's just a 13cm x 18cm size card. No pop ups.....just decoration on the outside. 

The words THANK U was done using the alphabet rubber stamps, the big size ones. Stamped it one by one and layered it with another paper. It's just a lot of work....hehehe.....well, I guess most handmade cards does require a lot of time making them. That's why they cost more. It's just time consuming. :) 

I do have plans to make more Teachers' Day cards this year.....but, hmmmm....when when when.....when will I do many things to do...yet so little time. But I'll give it my best shot this year. We will see how it goes! ;)


Aisyah Helga said…
Very nice! I see you put a lot of thought into it. Isn't it true about so much to do but so little time!
Azlina Abdul said…
Thank you Aisyah! Yup, a lot of thought were put into this design...sometimes I think too much as well hehehehe....which makes the designing process pretty slow because I find it hard to make a decision sometimes hehehe! Time is so limited these days and me having a hard time deciding makes it worse! LOL!

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