April 2010 Blog Giveaway!!!

Hello again my lovely readers!! It has finally come again for the 4th time this year.......it's my April 2010 Blog Giveaway!!!! Yes!! :D Sorry it took longer than usual to do this blog giveaway this month.  It was suppose to be on the 1st of every month.....but since I have been so busy for the past few weeks....didn't have the time to do the giveaway at that time. Right now I have some little time away from work so I get to work on this giveaway today. :)
This time around, I'm giving away prizes for four lucky winners. I've decided to giveaway two lovely cute wedding cards this time around for each of the four winners. This is a new design and never been sold before. Have a look at the wedding dress, I am using a new doily pattern since the old ones are no longer in stock.

Here is how you can win these lovely cards. The rules are the same as the one I did previously . I will give one entry for participants who blog about my giveaway in their respective blogs. You can earn an entry by following the simple steps below....

1.You must "FOLLOW" this blog / "BE A FOLLOWER" and leave a comment on this post. You  must  write a comment or give suggestions regards to my card blog. Be sure to also write your name and your valid email address at your comment. Then you must blog and link about this giveaway at your blog, and link your post at your comment too.

All the best of luck to all participants! This giveaway ends on the 16th of April 2010 at 11.59pm. A winner will be chosen by a lucky draw. The name of the winner will be announced on the 17th of April 2010......Thank you!!! :)))))



NA. said...


Semoga cik lin terus kreatif dalam menghasilkan kad-kad
Hehe..percubaan kedua dalam giveaway cik lin ni

e-mel : cahaya.nor@gmail.com

Mama Zharfan said...


i've blogged about ur GA:


I simply love all ur handmade greeting cards-->they're all lovely and unique!!

my email : suzie284@yahoo.com

happy card-making!

::Kak Sambal:: said...

salam, saya join giveaway...


my email : ejan8113@yahoo.com

nuraarin-life said...

I just love lovely and handmade card.. FYI, i dah terima kad yg i tempah tue, its lovely (fatimah)

So i wanna win the bridal theme so i blog about ur GA..kindly visit


email: nuraarin@yahoo.com

zai kulim said...

salam..zai join lagi Ga kat cini..


my email : zbintim@yahoo.com.my

CikguKreatif said...

Wow, great design, macam kenal je corak2 gaun tu. tapi memang kreatif sangat2.

Azlina Abdul said...

Alang....it's just doily paper....dah selalu sangat dah Lin guna doily paper utk wat bridal gowns sebelum nih... :)Cuma bezanya, coraknyer doily tu saja yg berbeza, shapenyer sama jer seperti yg sebelum nih...apa pun thank you yer Alang :).

Anonymous said...

salam..ni link saya

Nea Flerida said...


join yer:)



zati said...


i'm already join ur giveaway...

I love ur handmade greeting card very much. It is not just gorgeous but also unique & creative. I can feel a warm feeling from it.I like it.I hope more promotion about it.


email: zati2810@yahoo.com.my

zati said...


i'm already join ur giveaway

I love ur handmade greeting card very much. It is not just gorgeous but also unique & creative. I can feel a warm feeling from it. I like it.I hope more promotion about it.


email: zati2810@yahoo.com.my

gina marna said...

Salam Lin,

Second time join GA Lin nii... hope to be the lucky one...:)



anin said...

love handmade and would like to participate!

mamaiman said...

dengan nama Allah...
Mama nak join giveaway Kak Lin ni..
emel : nurz.na@gmail.com


Alya said...



EMEL: lya_afrina@yahoo.com

CaDLyNN said...

salam...nak join..

baru je jengah blog ni..mate terbeliak tengok card2 handmade yang sangat unik dan cantik ini..
teruskan usaha mengkreatifkan diri dalam membuat card2 yang lebih menarik, tertarik dan de bomb!


email : mazsleen@yahoo.com

Ayu Cute said...

Salam Lin!
Count me in ye...


email :ayuidris@hotmail.com

Semoga Allah terus memberikan taufik dan hidayahNya pada Lin untuk terus menghasilkan handmade cards yang sangat unik, kreatif dan cantik..all the best to u,Lin!

Cempaka said...

joining :)

nice handmade cards! i love them.



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