Please vote for my May 2010 Blog Giveaway!!

Hello everyone!

I made a poll recently to see which card type you would prefer to win for my May 2010 Blog Giveaway. I placed the poll right beside the blog's at the top part of the blog on the right. Can  you see it?? :)

You see....I had a hard time deciding what type of card to giveaway next month. huhuhuhu.....funny huh?? SERIOUSLY......I am lost for ideas here. So I need your assistance in helping me decide what card type that you most desire to win. For example, if the poll results show that "Happy Birthday card" is the most desired one, then I will prepare 5 birthday pop up cards for 5 lucky winners! At least this way, I can tell what  type of card you guys really really want. 

Well, this is just one of the ways of  helping me decide. If you guys have any other suggestions, do let me know ya! Write your comments here so that I can find out what type of card you most desire to get. If it is something that I can do for you, then I will give it my best shot. :) 

So please VOTE VOTE VOTE at my poll here or write comments at this post for your suggestions. I really do appreciate your help! Thank you again everyone!! Take care and have a lovely day ahead!



mama zharfan said…
me dh vote!! nanti me nak join lg next giveaway boleh kan??
mamalisa said…
salam...hi k.lin, voted done! juz wanna say congrats for d very creative ideas producing doz all your creations...keep it up !!
Noor Faridah said…
since mothers day is just around the crner...y dun u make them...i bet everyone wil b eagerly waiting for tat...all da best! =)
Azlina Abdul said…
Nea Flerida ....Thank you for voting!

Mama Zharfan....Thank you for voting! Yup, you can still join in next month! :)

Mamalisa....Thank you for voting! And thank you for your support and lovely comments! hehee!

Noor Faridah...thank you for your suggestion dear! :)
Noor Faridah said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Azlina Abdul said…
Hi Faridah...
Thank you for voting and for y our suggestion...yes, I think it will be a good idea to do quilling technique too. I've been wanting to do it for a long time already. I've been practicing it as well so that it will look good on the card. Hopefully I'll get to have some for my card collection soon! TQ again!
Noor Faridah said…
hey kak lin...thanks for dropping by my blog...i love arts actually...i used to make handmade cards those times..but im nt doing it anymore...looking at ur give inspiration to start back my previous hobby...thanks anyway! surely im looking forward for those quiling cards! =)
Azlina Abdul said…
Hi Noor!
You are most welcome! I hope you'll make cards again one day! I pun harap this month dapat la wat quilling....tapi tu la pending orders tak siap2 lagi huhuhu....kena buat yg penting dulu...thank you so much for your never ending support!!

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