White Nativity set

Isn't it a beauty? I won this 3D white nativity set quilled by Miss Cheryl of Cards by Cheryl. I can't believe I will be receiving this white nativity set soon! I am still amazed by what happened. I entered the blog candy at the last minute and I found out the next day that I won. This is really sweet because I've never won anything , I mean I've never won any craft work from any craft artist before.....locally or internationally.

Miss Cheryl hosted a blog candy last month and I wasn't even aware of it until the very last day. Been extremely busy with work as usual has led me to forget important occasions and missed a few good opportunities as well that came along my way. I guess it was written that I would catch the blog candy on time before it ended and submitted my entry and be part of the running to win this amazing white nativity set.

Even though I don't celebrate Christmas, I do appreciate good art and craft skills from fellow artist who create artwork using the quilling technique which I have come to adore very very much. I myself have never done 3D quilling before and I really admire those who have done so and are doing it so very well too. :) I just might give it a try myself one day. Who knows ya......inspired by the white nativity set, I think I just might! hehe!

Thank you again Cheryl for this wonderful gift. Words just cannot express any further how honored and blessed I am to be receiving this gift from you.......I shall treasure it always :).


nasuha ahmad helmi said...

taniah kak lin! tak kiralah dapat ape pun,tapi perasaan menang sesuatu tu mmg best kan. =)

a paper {life} said...

You are very welcome Lin...and I am glad you entered even though you don't celebrate Christmas because it also reminds us that we need to celebrate our family and friends and that the material things in our lives play such a small part {except for maybe quilling paper and a slotted tool} hehehe

I am on my way to the post office and I hope it doesn't take too long to get to you.

a paper {life} said...

oh yeah...and give 3d quilling a try. With your talent you will pick it up quickly.

Ann said...

just stopping over from Cheryl's blog to congratulate you on your win

Allycat said...

Wow, congrats Lin. This is an amazing piece of quilling by Cheryl. How lucky are you!

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