Missing you


This is my first ever attempt to make quilled birds. I just made the simplest ever quilled bird!! hahaha! So much so that I didn't even made the eyes or beak for it. It's as simple as simple can be. :D

I showed it to my Mom and she said that the branch I made has defied gravity!! LOL! hahaha! So true! It looks like it's hanging in mid air! :D Well......that's how it is.  Each has it's own interpretation of what they see in the artwork. So I just leave it to your imagination. :)

Actually, this card I made is for the December giveaway. I needed a simple design for it. And this is what I came up with. Still in the love theme concept though. Probably because I love that theme so much hehehe.

I used another one of my clear stamp collection with the wordings "missing you". I think it's cute. Suits the card as the card is quite small. I have to make 12 of this card design in December.... :). Wish me luck!!! hehe!


Anonymous said...

Very pretty! I want one!

Can I suggest to make the birds a lighter blue and pink? Like for example the hearts above them?


Azlina Abdul said...

Sure :) I can make one like you requested. No problem. Do email me if you wish to order this card ya. Thank you :)

Siti Noraisyah said...

cantiknyeeee.... akak mmg kreatif.. ^^

Azlina Abdul said...

Terima kasih Siti :)

nasuha ahmad helmi said...

comelnya kak. simple dan comel =)

farhi said...

cute, simple, and cantek.. fall in l0ve with y0ur cards la kak lin..

ps: 0ne day, i've a dream t0 visit y0ur little studi0.. can I? hi3 :p

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Alamakkk.. ni kene join nihhh.. chumelll!! And its the last giveaway eh?

Azlina Abdul said...

Nasuha...terima kasih ehehe :)

Farhi...heheh....terima kasih....hehe malulah nak kasi orang masuk studio buruk akak nih...eheheh

Ayu...ha'ah, join2!! This is the last one tau....lepas ni tak tau la bila pulak nak buat giveaway ni. hehe

Dr Sonia S V said...

Dr Sonia S V

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