The White Nativity is HERE!!!

It's here! YAY! Finally!!! Been waiting for the gift I won from Cheryl's blog candy for over a week now and finally I got it! Actually it arrived a couple of days ago but I was too busy with work to take photos of it and blog about it here. I was going to blog about it after taking a photo of myself with the White Nativity nicely arranged in my studio but I can't wait any longer for that to happen, I just gotta blog about it now! hehehe!

I was really really upset actually with the postman. He threw the package on the floor!!! Arrrggghhh! I wasn't home when the postman came over to our house and I suppose he didn't want to leave the package on top of the concrete fence at our gate, so he threw it under the roof so that the package won't get wet if it rains. :( Luckily the package did not contain any glass products otherwise it would be shattered into small teeny tiny pieces. Thank God when I opened the package everything was in good condition. Luckily it didn't rain as well....otherwise it would have gotten wet.

When I opened the was really surprised at how neatly the White Nativity was packed inside it. How pretty too!! With ribbons and nicely done. Cheryl included a note in it too! How sweet! I want it to be in my studio where I can view it everyday hehehe! ;) So I arranged them in my glass cupboard along with my other ceramic creations. :)

The White Nativity is so cute! I imagined it to be big in size but when I opened the box, that's when I realised how cute it was! I love the paper used to make the White's so beautiful. So neatly done as well.

Thank you so much Chery...... :) I can't stop smiling!!!! Big smiles!!! :) :) :)


Arief Nazrye said...

..tahniah LIN !! ^.^ happy for u !!

Azlina Abdul said...

Thank you Arinaz :)

Arief Nazrye said...

..nyway..LIN x bukak kelas ke ??..i mean klas quilling ?!..

a paper {life} said...

Hi Lin got it all in one piece. I think I put enough tape on the box that it wouldn't have gotten too web but if it was glass it would have broken (but glad it was all in good shape). The pieces do look bigger in the pictures but it is the smallness of it that makes it so cute. I LOVE the pictures you took and can't wait to see more.
Keep up the big smiles.

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