You Rock!!!


This card was made for an old friend of mine. His birthday was in November......I wished him on his birthday and then he requested a handmade birthday card from me.....YUP!!!...that was what happened and that's how this design came about hahaha :D LOL!!. This is the second request I got to make birthday cards from close friends. I made one already earlier and this is the second one I made. But I don't mind making them for people who knows how to appreciate art. :)

At first I didn't know what kind of theme I was gonna do or what kind of design I would come up with that would be suitable for him. Then I thought since he was so much into rock music, it would be cool to do a rock theme card for him. I've seen a lot of handmade cards around using the wordings such as "You Rock" on them and electric guitars.....I've been thinking of doing an electric guitar for quite awhile now but never really put my mind to actually doing it till now. So, I tried to find an electric guitar pattern online and traced it on the red and white foam. It was really fun playing with these foams.....and I kinda like using them for my handmade cards these days.

I think the best part about the guitar would be the strings! I sew four strings of silver thread on the foam to make it look like real wire strings hehehe!! That was fun! :) I also did a V-fold pop up on the inside of the card but with a different twist this time because I drew on it a few music notes and stars of different shapes and then cut them out using a craft knife. This type of design can only be done using a craft can't really achieve something like that using craft punches alone. I enjoyed doing it especially when it's all cut out and you can see through it. :) I decorated it with birthday wordings at the top.

I really hope he likes it as much as I do! He's a great artist and I really admire his artwork. It's nerve wrecking to give someone with such great talent, your own piece of artwork. I wonder what he will say about this birthday card hahaha.....I hope he won't criticize too much! LOL! :)


Shelley said...

You are truly a gifted artist! Love all your work :)

Azlina Abdul said...

Thank you Shelly! I love all your work too! ;)

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