Pop up gift box and balloons!


This is the first time ever I made two different pop ups combined in one card! hehe! The actual plan was to do a pop up school boy, but in the end I decided to put the school boy on the outside where the wordings are. Gosh, it was so hard to do that! The school boy I mean.....I'm so not good at doing figurines. I tried my best and that's how it turned out in the end. :) I just didn't quite know how else to decorate the card with the boy on it....so I did what I usually do, which is doing that stripe pattern again! LOL! The stripe pattern is now kinda like a trademark for my cards. I just love doing it. My Mom on the other hand, is not loving it as much because I do it too many times it seems on my card designs. Oh well.....she's one of my critics now hahaha.....I don't always listen to her though LOL!!

The pop ups are a gift box and a few balloons coming out of the gift box.....errrmmm, well, it was meant to look like it came out of the box hehehe.....hope I achieved that somehow. LOL! I guess the pop ups are the part of the card that I love the most....especially the balloons. I don't know why I get so happy looking at them. Funny huh? I didn't do much decoration on the balloons except for just lining them with glitter glue. I really hope the boy loves it too! ;)

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